Mind fit: Are you exercising your most important muscle?

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The reason I write this blog is because it’s come to my attention recently that there’s a lot of fear around looking at oneself and the role a person plays in creating their outcomes in life.

Which is fair enough – who wants to be held accountable for all the crappy things that happen to them when it’s much easier to blame someone else?


Problem is, that it’s not until we look in the mirror and really get inside our mind that we’re able to start writing the movie script of our life.

Because ultimately, we are the writer, the director and actor in the film we call ‘life’.

The people achieving their staring roles haven’t just arrived there by fluke.

They’ve taken a close look at their personal barriers and consciously created a mindset conducive to positive outcomes.

When we are born we don’t come with a ‘Manuel On Life!’

In school we learn many things but not how the human mind works in creating our physical reality.

How many of you are completely unaware that 90 percent of our thoughts, actions and behaviours come from our unconscious mind.

Until you take the time to learn how to get into that storehouse of stuff (past memories and traumas, limiting beliefs and the like) and clean up the mess, you will continue to have experiences that fail to make you happy.

It’s pretty disappointing that the world we live in has created such a stigma around working this mind stuff out.

We’re more than happy to be coached in a sporting match or have a personal trainer help us gain a fit body.

But what about a fit mind?

Our mind is responsible for creating all our results in life yet how many people put time and energy into getting their mind working at its optimum so it’s creating positive outcomes.

Believe it or not, we can set our mind to have a ‘millionaire’ mindset.

And what do you get when you have a millionaire mindset?

Millions of dollars of course!

Most people find it way too confronting to consider that they are responsible for how awful or how great their life is right now: their relationships, finances, health, career and overall emotions.


Because that would mean coming face-to-face with all their mental gunk.

But it doesn’t need to be that hard! More traditional forms of therapy have painted the picture that there is something ‘wrong’ with you or you have a ‘problem’ if you are seeing a therapist.

I don’t see it that way.

I see it as being open enough to learn about yourself – what motivates you, what holds you back – so you can break through those blocks and live a life you absolutely love.

I know with my clients they look forward to our sessions and leave feeling excited about their life.

While we do access the deeper issues, it’s done in a playful and fun environment where the client understands that it’s only those who take life too seriously – who push from a fear mindset to get results – that close themselves off to the joy available to them.

After all life was meant to be fun!

So why spend it getting caught up in knots about what you don’t have, and instead look at the why you don’t have it, so you can turn that around.

The kind of therapy I do is different to your typical ‘re-run the doom and gloom story’ type of therapy that many professionals will give you.

Because we deal directly with the subconscious mind, we get to the root of that ‘story’, so it no longer plays a negative role in your life; no longer holds you back.

Who wants to spend years in therapy sorting through a shocking time when you can clear it out quickly so you can indeed live your unique ‘happily ever after’?

That’s what true therapy should look like.

Watching people turn their situations around is by far the highlight of my job.

Therapy the Self-Love Therapy way is a positive experience where the client gets inspired about their future and starts to create opportunities they never before thought possible.

If your career isn’t taking off the way you envision it to be, you struggle from week to week to pay the bills or your relationships leave you feeling drained instead of nourished you can actually turn that around.

You can look into why your life isn’t mirroring your aspirations and actually do something about it.

Want to know more about how you can learn more about your mind and become mind fit?

Please check out our One-on-One Intensive or Remarkable Relationships course for details.

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