Boost your self-love through community.

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When women come together in a group – as part of a community – something special happens.

Something unexplainable…

What is that something?


Deep organic profound healing.

Healing of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

How does this healing happen?

Let me explain…

Humans are social creatures; we are meant to connect.

Sometimes those connections we have with others are draining – and if they are, please have a read of my Energy Vampires blog to rectify that little dilemma.

On the other side of the equation, if the people who come together are coming together with one purpose in mind – to cultivate self-love – then extraordinary things can happen.

Imagine a big boulder and you need to push it up that hill…

That is the purpose of your efforts.

Could you do it on your own?

Get that boulder up that hill?

Probably not.

But if a group of you came together, then the power of your strength and force would move that boulder no dramas.

This is what it is like to come together in a group with one purpose in mind.

To form a community!

You’re able to things you didn’t think possible on your own.

It is this coming together that is powerful.

Super powerful.

Now let me emphasise here: It’s not that you couldn’t have moved that boulder on your own.

It’s just that your belief system may not have supported you moving that boulder on your own.

The only thing stopping us from having and doing all we desire, is our beliefs.

What we think and believe about ourselves in relation to the world around us.

Yet when we come together in a group – no matter what our purpose is – we are privy to witnessing so-called ‘miracles’.

When we share with our community we increase our capacity to give and receive and love.

Our self-love grows and we are left feeling FULL!

You’re able to experience a deeper sense of belonging and self-love.

You’re able to take that experience and weave it into your life, so your life becomes a reflection of that group energy.

Want some of that group energy?

Then join a group of like hearted people.

Take up a new hobby or even better… be part of my community.

I run a number of beautiful courses, where people come together with the one purpose; to cultivate self-love.


Simply check out the website for my Remarkable Relationships 3-month course and my Yoga for the Vagina course, where we bring all our love together for love, laughter and heart-filled fun!

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