Do you have a daily ritual? 6 practices I do every day.

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Are you one for rituals?

Do you have a certain way you put on your make-up or cook your breakfast?

While I’m all for being spontaneous and enjoying the moment, I’m also a big advocate of having little daily practices that allow one to nurture and center his or herself.

Life can get super chaotic at times and having little rituals that pull you out of the chaos and bring you back home to yourself, is what creates the balance and clarity needed to stay energetically fit and physically sound.

That’s why this week I thought I’d share the 6 practices I do every day to keep myself vibrantly alive at peace with myself.

Ritual 1: As soon as I get up I have half a lemon squeezed into warm water.


Because it hydrates the body, wakes up the digestion and metabolism, helps keep the body alkaline and supports the immune system, among many other things!

(I also continue hydrating my body throughout the day, downing at the bare minimum 2 liters of filtered water).

Ritual 2: I sit on my big comfy red couch and spend at least half an hour tuning into myself and clearing limiting beliefs.

We all need a spiritual practice that allows us to gain deep insights from within, and after many years of spiritual exploration this is what I have found to be the most effective in clearing any emotional and mental gunk so life can flow with ease.

I teach my personal spiritual practice to people like YOU in my Remarkable Relationships course.

Ritual 3: I always carve out at least half an hour during my day to take a walk in nature.

Luckily for me I live in the gorgeous Dandenongs, so as soon as I step outside, I am surrounded by stunning rainforest.

Spending time in nature is grounding and therapeutic to one’s soul as it helps you reconnect with your innate self.

It helps you feel the energy of the earth.

There have even been studies in medical journals, which found those who live closer to nature are healthier.

So for those who do live in cities, make sure you take the time to connect with nature in some way, as it really is healing on so many levels.

Ritual 4: As I meet strangers on my walk I smile at them.

Connection is something we all crave.

We are humans, we are meant to connect.

And simply throwing a smile the way of a stranger is one of the easiest ways you can enjoy connecting with another person.

So smile, and smile often.

Not only does it make YOU feel good, it spreads the love and makes others feel good too.

Ritual 5: I sit and drink a cup of herbal tea in silence.

It doesn’t really matter what your activity of choice is, having a daily ritual where you mindfully do something helps get you back into the present and connect into the NOW.

Now when I say be mindful, I mean drink in your activity using ALL of your six senses.

For me, I watch the water fill the cup noticing the sound of the water trickling in.

I feel the warmth of the teacup in my hand, smelling the aroma before I sip the tea and taste the flavor, noticing how it slides down my throat.

Then I allow myself to feel into how the tea sits in my stomach.

I take this approach on every sip and am fully present to my tea experience.

The stillness, the presence, the simple act of being leaves me feeling calm, centered and at peace; all qualities we want to be part of our daily existence.

Ritual 6: I play music!

This happens in many different ways for me.

I will either have a bash on my drums, play the piano, or put on some gypsy jazz music and dance around the living room with my fiancé.

Music really does nurture the soul, and filling our lives with music is one of the most healing things we can do for ourself.

Maybe that’s why I’m marrying a musician!

All of what I have shared with you are simple little things you can do each day.

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the simple things, yet it is the simple things that create all the difference; that create pockets of space in our day to reconnect.

So what are some little rituals you can add into YOUR day to help you reconnect with your deeper self regularly?

If you deny yourself the simple pleasures of being with yourself, the daily rituals that nurture and care for your most important self, you lose touch with your life force.

You lose touch with your ability to experience bliss and magical moments that fill you with joy and pleasure.

Self-care is a pathway to power – unimaginable power.

So I ask you again: What ritual can you add into your day that will help you practice the art of Self Love?

Help you feel into your own exquisite radiance.

You don’t have to have the same rituals as me, but find something that helps you connect in with your essence.

Before bed, you might like to light a candle and as you watch the flame say out loud three things you love about you.

Then as you blow out the flame, set an intention for the next day.

It might be, to get that business deal, to enjoy more ease, to allow the man of your dreams to walk right on into your life.

When we set a powerful intentions like this, and turn them into rituals, we are making a clear statement about what we really want in our life.

So get clear on what you want in life, create the rituals that support your intentions, and enjoy the gorgeousness available to you!

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3 Comments on “Do you have a daily ritual? 6 practices I do every day.”

  1. Yeah I’m a huge advocate of daily routines. Small focused, rather boring and ordinary actions repeated daily is bound to lead to extraordinary results.

    Having a solid morning routine is probably the main factor for success in my own life. A few of the daily rituals I aim to do everyday include. Writing, neigong or qigong, time to feel gratitude and writing gratitude lists, keeping a daily success diary, exercise, drinking plenty of water, letting someone know I appreciate them and creating something of value for others.

    Thanks for this post and inviting me to your page Tamra. Looking forward to connecting more. 🙂

  2. Great blog Tamra! It made me realise I have more rituals than I thought.
    Doing the Remarkable Relationships program has me tuning in every morning before I jump on my mountain bike. It’s awesome! It’s the little things that add up to the big things 🙂

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