What you must know BEFORE you see a psychic

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If you’ve read my book Getting Naked – The Dating Game you’ll know I’ve seen my fair share of psychics.

Desperate for love, I’d ask when he would arrive.

Each time they’d tell me my Prince was coming, and each time I got soooo attached to this outcome, I’d unconsciously sabotage his arrival.

Again, and again, and…. yes again…

It was like this need inside of me.

I needed to know that I wouldn’t be left on the shelf.

I needed to know he was on his way.

I needed….

I needed to understand this: Our future is not set, as some psychics would have you believe.

I witnessed this play out for one of my clients recently.

For the sake of this story let’s call our leading lady Cindy!

Cindy was in a great relationship with a man she was totally into, when a psychic told her that they would have a daughter together and then he would leave her.

Now at the time she didn’t really take it on.

Not consciously anyway.

But as you would have read in my blog ‘Let me introduce you to the subconscious mind’ our subconscious takes on EVERYTHING!

Now because Cindy never wanted to be a single mum, she unconsciously started sabotaging the relationship.

The sabotage became so strong that a few months later, her partner left her.

Not because he didn’t love her, but because she was so deep in sabotage mode that the relationship had been really unhealthy… for both of them.

Who had created the break up?

Cindy had.

She hadn’t consciously meant to.

It had been a side effect of seeing the psychic.

Or being told she’d end up being a single mum.

Cindy loved her man.

She wanted to be with him.

And now that he was gone she was able to see the truth of what had happened.

She had trusted someone else’s opinion over her own inner guidance.

Why do I share this story?

Because I know many people who have fallen into the same trap.

Believing that a psychic knows better than them.

I had it happen.

One of my dear mentors, who at the time was teaching me how tap into my own psychic abilities, claimed my current partner would hold me back in life.

And so two months in the best relationship I’d ever had, I broke up with him, fearful of stunting my growth.

Growth, as you can probably see, is one of my most important values.

And to have my growth threatened caused a lot of fear in me.

Thankfully, as my own psychic abilities grew (I prefer to refer to this as learning how to connect with your inner self) I was able to get to the bottom of it all, and get my man back, who I happen to be marrying this September!

You see, while a psychic may be telling you the truth about what your future looks like, as soon as you leave the session, things can change that outcome.

Nothing is set.

Your future is YOUR creation.

But if you believe things are going to be one way then you’ll go about unconsciously creating that, as opposed to what you really want.

This can play out differently for many people.

Perhaps because you’ve been told you’ll meet your man in three months, you give up socialising, you stop going to your reading group, you ditch your gym membership and you no longer stay late after work for a drink.

Why do you need to when your Prince is coming in three months?

Because it could have been one of those very activities that would have allowed for you two to meet.

We each have our own way of sabotaging in love, as in all areas of our life.

What’s important is that you start to trust YOU!

Who knows if the psychic you see has their own relationship gunk that is influencing the reading they’re giving you.

The message they share with you could very well be a message for them!

As I mentioned, yes I have the ability to tune in on people’s future and let them know what’s on the horizon, but I don’t.


For all of the reasons above.

I much prefer to teach people how to be psychic – how to tune into themselves – read their own futures.

When you’re able to access your subconscious, you’re able to see all the gunk that would get in the way of your personal ‘happily ever after’.

Once you know what’s there, you can then clear it.

Get rid of any sabotage before it plays out.

We are ALL psychic.

It’s just that most people have disconnected from their innate abilities.

You CAN create your future.

And I’d love the opportunity to teach you how to reconnect with your psychic self so you can clear the personal barriers keeping you from you dream future.

If you’d like to learn with me, this is something I teach in my 3-month online course Remarkable Relationships.

Don’t leave you future in the hands of someone else.

Learn to reconnect with YOUR inner psychic.

P.S. After a little reconnecting with her inner psychic, Cindy was able to clear all the sabotage, and her Prince rode straight back into her arms.

See… we all CAN have our ‘happily every after’.

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