Money love: How healthy is your relationship with money?

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If you were in a relationship with someone who despised you, neglected you, feared you and ignored you, would you stay?

Probably not.

Yet this is how most people treat their money.

As strange as it may sound, we are in relationship with everything in our life.

Including money.

Is it any wonder then, for most people, that their moolah keeps leaving them.

Or not turning up in the first place!

I know I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where there was no love.

With all the fear and stress around how much we have and how much we make, people not having enough and not being able to afford what they’d like in their lives, I decided to interview a dear friend and colleague of mine Nadhira Razack, who has a really loving relationship with money, so she can share some of her wisdom with us.

The truth is: Money can be your friend. 


If you’d like to attract more $$$ into your life, without having to sell your soul, then you’ll enjoy this audio.

Want to learn more about how our childhood programming affects how much money we have and how easily it comes to us?

Then take a listen to this free one-hour audio lesson where I share a whole lot more about the belief systems that create or diminish our abundance.

And if you’d like to more of Nadhira’s money wisdom, take a peek at her website by clicking here.

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