The art of receiving. Do you know how to truly receive?

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Whether it’s in the bedroom or in the boardroom, in order to get what you want in life, you need to be able to receive.

On the surface that may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how unwilling to receive most people truly are.

Like T. Harv Eker says: ‘Rich people are excellent receivers and poor people are poor receivers.’

Let me explain…

Just as everything that goes up must come down, so too must we receive as much as we give.

I know giving feels good – to know you’re helping someone out by giving them time or energy.

But don’t you want to give someone else a chance to feel good about giving?

If you refuse to receive, you’re denying someone the chance to give.

So what does it mean to truly receive?

Imagine being on a massage table and sinking into the moment, allowing yourself to connect with each stroke.

That’s what receiving is about.

Being present.

Receiving is not a passive activity.

You need to consciously receive.

If you just fell asleep on the table, that wouldn’t be receiving either.

Neither would trying to give back to the masseuse while on the table.

Sex is another place where people often struggle to receive.

In our busy fast paced world there’s an ingrained belief that you need to be ‘doing’ at all times, instead of allowing someone else to do the ‘doing’.

How are you supposed to properly embody that orgasm if you’re too busy trying to give your partner one.

You cannot give and receive at the same time.

Otherwise both actions are compromised.

So why do people struggle to receive?

Because on a deep level they believe they’re not worthy or deserving of receiving.

Simple as that!

This syndrome runs rampant in our society.

First thing you need to know, is whether you feel worthy or not, it’s just a made-up story.

Something you took on as a child.

And just as you took it on, so too can you offload it.

So my lovely dears, it’s time to strengthen your receiving muscle.

One way to start practising being an excellent receiver, is each time someone gives you a compliment, simply say: ‘Thank you.’

Do not return the compliment, just accept it.

Receive it!


This gives the giver a chance to enjoy giving their gift without it being thrown back at them or deflected.

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