Letting go of the busy…

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While I’m not usually one for New Years resolutions I did spend 2018 setting some clear intentions for 2019. My husband and I had decided we’d pack up and leave our home at the end of October 2018, spend three months on the road travelling and visiting family – including a one month stint in Bali so I could further … Read More

Minimalism: Is less really more?

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What is minimalism and why would we want to live a minimalist life? Good question. Let me share my experience with you, so I can answer that for you. In deciding to move to France, my husband and I needed to make the big decision of how much stuff to take and what to leave behind. As we began packing … Read More

How I overcame nausea during pregnancy.

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When I first saw the cross show up on the pregnancy test, I was excited. My husband and I both. We’d wanted to have a child sometime soon, and now we had a baby in my belly. We began telling people straight away. I know the general rule is wait ‘till you’re out of the danger zone at 3-months, but our philosophy … Read More

Deadlines: Enjoy the journey, not just the end point.

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Over the past few months I learnt a very important lesson to do with deadlines. And I decided to share it with you today, in the hope that it might help you create more freedom and more happiness in your life. So let’s begin with just one question… How do you feel about deadlines? Do they choke you with fear, … Read More

Give the gift of love this Christmas.

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Struggling to buy gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life? Then why not offer them the gift of love! ‘Ha?’ I hear you say! ‘That’s not something I can give another person.’ Actually it is. You just need to be open to showing love, gratitude and perhaps even get a little creative. Which is fun, right? Everyone I know … Read More

Being happy is easier than you may think!

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Being happy can be a foreigner or being happy can be your friend. If you’re like 99% of the population you’re probably looking for happiness in all the wrong places. And when you do find happiness, it only hangs around momentarily. What I’ve noticed since working as a Relationship Therapist and helping people develop their relationship with self so they … Read More

Stories limit us: Are you a storyteller?

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We all have stories. Some people have happy stories; other people have challenging stories that bring pain. I’m sure you’re familiar with stories like: ‘Oh, my car wouldn’t start and now I’m running late for work, and then I spilled coffee in my lap, and it was all because my husband left the lights on in the car last night, … Read More

Happiness is a state of being, not just an emotion. How happy are you?

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Happiness. Deep down it’s something that all of us want. That’s why there’s a whole self-help isle at bookstores promoting this very ideal that so many people strive for. Yet there’s still a lot of confusion around the emotion of happiness and the state of true happiness, and whether it’s even possible to feel deep happiness long-term. First though, we need to talk about … Read More

Settling for less: Are you sacrificing your true desires?

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Are you settling for less? I’m sure at some stage in your life you’ve settled; for the good-enough partner, the it’s-not-so-bad job, that mediocre orgasm (or lack there-of) or the time-poor lifestyle that leaves you with no time to spoil YOU. People sacrifice goals, needs, wants and happiness – even our health – daily. And sadly, society actually supports this. … Read More

The blog that will change your relationships! Enough said. Read on…

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We all want to feel happy, loved… hell… we want to have fun, positive experiences, yeah? Some people try to reach those happy states of being by booking in for an extravagant holiday, others let a Hollywood movie deliver them that cliché ‘happily ever after’. But where are those real happy (warm and fuzzy inside) feelings to be found? In the people, not … Read More

Surviving Valentine’s Day single

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Being single on Valentines Day can be tough, but making it through the most romantic day of the year can be a real eye-opener, if you’re up for the challenge. I believe, learning how to date yourself is the first step to attracting a healthy and loving relationship with someone else. When February the 14th rolls around loved up couples will be focusing … Read More

Think yourself rich

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Money can put a real strain on you and your loved ones. It can leave us desperate to find an answer so we can lift the financial burden. And perhaps you have no idea why you’ve always had money issues; why you’re still struggling to make ends meet. If this is you, you’re certainly not alone. Many people in today’s world … Read More

Perfect posture

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Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! Yes, standing in a well-aligned tension-free way, will do do more than keep you physically healthy; it’s good for our mental health too! You can tell a lot about a person by their posture. Have you ever seen someone glide or stride into a room and command instant attention or respect? The simple fact is humans are drawn … Read More

Toxic tears

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Turning on the waterworks can make you feel better, both physically and emotionally. Yes it’s true. Crying heals the mind, body and soul. William Shakespeare was spot on when he wrote: “To weep is to make less the debt of grief.” Researchers have found, not only do tears reduce tensions; they remove toxins, and increase the body’s ability to heal … Read More

The truth about hypnosis

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For centuries, hypnosis has gone in and out of vogue, but now there is finally sufficient scientific evidence that proves its effectiveness. Having trained in Therapeutic Hypnotist myself I felt I’d write a little blog to lift the veil on what this age old therapy is all about. Forget what you know about hypnosis from movies or television programs. If you … Read More

The swing revival

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Swing dancing is making a comeback and it’s not just the infectious rhythm and foot-stomping moves drawing in the crowds.  I decided to take a few classes to find out why swing fever is so infectious. Swing dancing may not be new – just ask your grandparents for tips on a “jockey” or “throwout” – but it certainly is now. People everywhere … Read More

Grateful in April

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We could all be a little more grateful, couldn’t we? Let’s looks at the benefits of showing gratitude by starting with exploring what gratitude actually is! Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has – as opposed to, say, a consumer oriented emphasis on what one wants or needs. Gratitude is what gets poured into the glass to … Read More

Love is Laughter

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The secret ingredient in love is laughter, and as Oscar Wilde once said “relationships are too important to be taken seriously”. Relationship therapist Tamra Mercieca looks at how laughter can enhance relationships. Laughter in a relationship is a treasure. It is one of our primary reasons for even wanting a partner. All of us can feel the magic power of … Read More

‘Laugh Your Way Healthy’, Body and Soul, 2011

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The original article written for the above article on how to ‘Laugh Your Way Healthy’ was… The secret ingredient in love is laughter, and as Oscar Wilde once said “relationships are too important to be taken seriously”.  Tamra Mercieca looks at how laughter can enhance relationships. Laughter in a relationship is a treasure. It is one of our primary reasons … Read More

Overcoming Fear

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Fear can freeze us; stopping us from moving forward. In this blog I share some tips tips on how to overcome our fears. We are taught fear at a very young age. It is a learned behaviour, therefore it can, if we wish, be educated out of us. Fear is a way of thinking that has the ability to hinder … Read More

Visualise your future

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Step out of your body and into your mind and attract in a fabulous life. That is the power of visualisations. Creative visualisation is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true. Used in the right way, it can improve your life and attract success and happiness, giving you the power to alter your … Read More

Dealing with disappointment

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We all know that life is full of ups and downs. Dealign with disappointment is a learned skill, so let’s have a look at this in more detail… It’s hard not to be disillusioned with ourselves and others when we expect so much. We are groomed to demand the best, to want everything, all the time. And when we mere … Read More

Play-time: How to get Happy!

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When was the last time you took time out to ‘play’? The reason I ask, is because there are plenty of benefits of returning to our child like state. Just look at how serious we have become as a society. It’s certainly not surprising given the expectations we put upon ourselves. High pressure jobs with long working hours designed to help … Read More


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Who would have thought brewing a bowl of tea could be so insightful, so calming and so nurturing? If you’re open to it, observing and taking part in the Japanese Tea Ceremony can transform the way we live life. We all need something to help us unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; shopping, golf, a beer at … Read More

The Art of Smiling

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There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone smile. A warm and friendly smile can make you feel better, cheer you up in times of doubt and increase the happiness in the world. Not only that, smiling, just like laughter, is infectious. A loving smile can improve your social life, give your job prospects a boost and send your confidence … Read More