Abundance is for you. Life is limitless. Yes, really!

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If you are of the belief that the world is one big apple pie with a fixed number of slices, so that once those slices are taken, these is no pie left, then I urge you to reconsider your beliefs.

Just because one person gets a bigger slice than you doesn’t mean you can’t have as much or more.

Some of us forget, or perhaps have never learnt the liberating truth: ‘We can always create more’.

You see, supply is not limited.

Our thinking is the only thing that is limited.

Once we change our thinking, then we can have everything in abundance, there is no lack of supply.

When someone else receives good fortunes, our own possibilities for good fortune don’t diminish as a result.

Our potential for happiness, wealth and love is limited only by our thoughts and actions.

If you feel like you’ll never have enough then your life will reflect that.

Not sure about you, but I’m not interested in lugging around a big sack of ‘lack’!

How do you do this?

Give up your belief in scarcity, and start believing anything is possible.

Every time you think about not having enough, find someone who does have enough, and realise that if they can have it, so can you.

The only difference between you and the person who has what you want, is your beliefs; what you believe to be true.

If you’re read my book Getting Naked – The Dating Game you’ll be familiar with how I created my Prince!

Make sure you also spend time daily feeling into what it would be like to be abundant in the area of your life that you’d like to experience more.

When I say feel into it, I mean use your imagination to go on a journey of being in love, of living in that dream home, of heaving a healthy and fit body.

Give yourself permission to actually experience the emotions and feelings you would have, having already achieved this goal.

The more you feel into what you’d like in your life, the more real it becomes.

If we are focused on debt, we will create debt.

If we are focused on abundance, we become open to seeing the opportunities to create abundance.

When you are attuned to the channel of abundance (or whatever it is you desire) you start noticing the opportunities you were previously unconscious of, as opportunities are EVERYWHERE!

We are presented with two-million bits of information every single second, but we humans can’t physically absorb all that information.

So our mind filters out most of it, leaving us with just 236 bits.

Which bits the mind chooses to show us (what we see in our physical reality), depends on what we already know to be true.

Your mind will show you what you believe to be your reality.

So this is where you need to open your mind to possibility.

Challenge what you think you know.

The only thing you need to do is devote your mind to, what you want.

If you want peace, think of peace.

Do not think about how peace looks impossible.

People in the world are experiencing peace, so it’s achievable, you simply need to believe it to be so.

One more important thing: When you do this exercise, don’t think of that guy or house of car coming into your life, think of them already being in your life.

Then sit back and trust!

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