Perfect posture

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Stand up straight!

Don’t slouch!

Yes, standing in a well-aligned tension-free way, will do do more than keep you physically healthy; it’s good for our mental health too!

You can tell a lot about a person by their posture.

Have you ever seen someone glide or stride into a room and command instant attention or respect?

The simple fact is humans are drawn to people who look happy and confident because deep down we hope a bit of it will rub off on us.

A good posture is related closely to a better mood, a happier outlook and more confidence within yourself.

In this way, posture works both ways.

Negative emotions and feelings can lead to a poor posture, likewise, a poor posture will generate negative feelings.

Just try walking slouched with your head down when you are really happy, or upright with a spring in your step when you are sad.

See how awkward it feels.

Perfect posture can also make a person stunningly attractive. 

You can visually lose 2.5 kilos just by standing up straight.

As you realign your body your tummy flattens, then as your move your shoulders back your arms appear slimmer, and finally tucking your butt in creates a smaller shape.

So what does perfect posture look like?

The body is straight, but not robotic, so your appearance should be relaxed.

Look in the mirror.

From the side, your ear should be in line with your shoulder, not in front of it, and your shoulder should be over your hip, your knee and your ankle.

If you hung an imaginary plumb from the earlobe, the line would hang straight through the middle of the anklebone.

Think of good posture as your secret weapon, almost like your armour for the day.

Wear your healthy stance with pride and you’re letting the the world know you’re satisfied, content, and have a clear direction in life.

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