Happiness is a state of being, not just an emotion. How happy are you?

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Deep down it’s something that all of us want.

That’s why there’s a whole self-help isle at bookstores promoting this very ideal that so many people strive for.

Yet there’s still a lot of confusion around the emotion of happiness and the state of true happiness, and whether it’s even possible to feel deep happiness long-term.

First though, we need to talk about emotions.

Any emotion – sadness, fear, anger, and many others – are not good or bad.

Emotions simply are, just as feeling happy can be an emotion we experience at various times in our day.

It comes and it goes depending on what’s going on in that particular moment.

True inner happiness is something different.

And no it’s not getting around with a jaw-jarring, wrinkle-creating smile all day, or laughing non-stop ‘til your belly hurts.

Being internally happy is about feeling a deep sense of joy in your heart – the sort that can be found even when external events are not going your way.

Even in those tough times, there’s this inner fulfillment.

This inner happiness.

This kind of happiness is not fleeting.

It doesn’t come with a gift and leave when the gift no longer amuses us.

We all have a well of inner happiness inside of us, yet most of us are not drinking from that well of happiness, because we’re are too busy seeking happiness outside of ourselves.

You can have everything in your life flying – a fabulous career, a loving partner, optimal health – and still lack that inner happiness.

Because the one thing you need to understand is that true happiness does not come from external events or people.

Happiness comes from within.

Sure you may feel the emotion of happiness when you boss gives you a pay rise, or your partner pops the question, but the emotion of happiness, like all the other emotions available to you, come and go.

To be happy on a deeper level involves knowing that, although we may love our Jimmy Choo shoes or ’66 Mustang, that they are not responsible for our happiness.

And it’s no surprise that our happiness meter has a lot to do with our relationships; our relationship with self and our relationships with others (which are just a reflection of your relationship with self).

When you fully connect in with who you are at your core, and really fall in love with that person, that’s when you know you have found true happiness, regardless of what happens next hour, tomorrow or in ten year’s time.

Happiness is not measured by what we hold in our hand, but what you hold in your heart!

Struggling to find that deep inner happiness?

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Have a beautiful week and don’t forgot to feel into that inner happiness – we all have it, we just may not be aware of it yet!

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