Happiness is a state of being, not just an emotion. How happy are you?

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Happiness. Deep down it’s something that all of us want. That’s why there’s a whole self-help isle at bookstores promoting this very ideal that so many people strive for. Yet there’s still a lot of confusion around the emotion of happiness and the state of true happiness, and whether it’s even possible to feel deep happiness long-term. First though, we need to talk about … Read More

Settling for less: Are you sacrificing your true desires?

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Are you settling for less? I’m sure at some stage in your life you’ve settled; for the good-enough partner, the it’s-not-so-bad job, that mediocre orgasm (or lack there-of) or the time-poor lifestyle that leaves you with no time to spoil YOU. People sacrifice goals, needs, wants and happiness – even our health – daily. And sadly, society actually supports this. … Read More

Does life fulfill you, or are you sheep spectator?

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We often hear people say they want to be happy and ‘fulfilled’. Well we all know what happiness feels like, but how many of us really know what if feels like to be fulfilled? Have you stopped to consider what fulfilment really is? Are you one of those people who is ever striving for this so-called ‘fulfilment’, without sitting down … Read More

The blog that will change your relationships! Enough said. Read on…

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We all want to feel happy, loved… hell… we want to have fun, positive experiences, yeah? Some people try to reach those happy states of being by booking in for an extravagant holiday, others let a Hollywood movie deliver them that cliché ‘happily ever after’. But where are those real happy (warm and fuzzy inside) feelings to be found? In the people, not … Read More