Does life fulfill you, or are you sheep spectator?

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We often hear people say they want to be happy and ‘fulfilled’.

Well we all know what happiness feels like, but how many of us really know what if feels like to be fulfilled?

Have you stopped to consider what fulfilment really is?

Are you one of those people who is ever striving for this so-called ‘fulfilment’, without sitting down to consider what exactly you are working towards?

After some serious contemplation I started to realise that for most people today fulfilment is ‘filling the mind with what they perceive is missing from their life’.

That’s lovely and all, but what most people fail to see, is there is nothing missing from their life.

The quicker we realise that we are complete, the quicker we can enjoy fulfilment in its true form.

There is nothing missing – there never was – but if we perceive there is, we respond accordingly.

Lack of perceived fulfilment will have you seek out a dopamine or serotonin fix – a pleasure without a pain.

And these fixes come in many forms: chocolate, drugs – medical and recreational – alcohol, retail therapy, sex, how many people go out and get a relationship – all to fill the void.

Our immediate need for gratification wins out every time.

The thing is, the only person able to fill that void, is YOU!

Not some junk food, puppy or cute guy.


And that takes learning how to connect in with yourself – listen to your inner voice.

Not the gunky mind chatter, but the wisdom of the heart’s voice.

The voice that says: ‘It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to me!’

In today’s world most people have become so disassociated they seek external pleasure instead of internal happiness.

If we take sex for example, how many people need toys, porn, different partners, to make sex worthwhile.

These things are not wrong, but they are temporary fixes.

Dopamine hits.

If you want those deep orgasmic experiences – they come from self.

They come from subtle, sensual touch – the ability to tune into oneself and one’s partner.

To truly embody your true self.

Deep orgasmic experiences, just like deep enriching life experiences transform you.

My advice is: Stop looking for the quick fix and start putting in the time and energy to have deeper, more profound, transformative experiences, not just in the bedroom, but in the boardroom, in your connections with your friends, family, even strangers.

Finally, let me ask you one more question: Are you a sheep spectator?

If so, why aren’t you on the field – playing the big game, instead of watching everyone else do it.

Are you limiting yourself due to comparison?

When we compare ourselves, we shrink.

We reinforce those limiting beliefs we hold, and we continue to live life like a sheep.

Following the crowd.

Until you embrace your full self, quirky attributes and all, that search for fulfilment will continue.

Only when you give yourself permission to be YOU and love all of you unconditionally, are you able to be truly fulfilled.



Everyone has this inner fulfilment; you simply need to go inside to find it.

If you’d like to learn the secret to inner fulfilment, I invite you to take part in our Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course.

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