The Naked Way: Take off the blindfold and be the artist of your life.

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I wanted to spend this week discussing your way of life.

How you conduct yourself daily, how you think about yourself, how you get the results you want – or how you haven’t quite worked out that part of the puzzle yet.

Do you even have a ‘way’ of living life?

My way is ‘The Naked Way’.


Stripped back.


Let me fill in the gaps for you…

Many of you know my story: I overcame depression, found a Prince, won the battle against some nasty illnesses, created my own unique business and learnt to fall in love with life.

But it didn’t just happen by accident.

I didn’t wake up one morning and go – ‘Wow! I get it now. I’m happy!’

It happened gradually and in a way that allowed me to document it and discover the formula.

The formula for ‘The Naked Way’.

It begins by understanding that we have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind, and that it is actually our unconscious mind that is responsible for 90% of our thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Next thing you need to know is that from birth we store limiting beliefs about our world and ourself inside our unconscious mind – and it is these limiting beliefs that create our own personal reality.

To put this in context…

If you took on a belief that you weren’t good enough as a child – maybe you mum or a teacher said something that made you feel bad about yourself – it got stored in your unconscious mind, and because of the power of the unconscious mind (90%, remember?), now whenever you try to step out of your comfort zone, in work or on a date for example, you hear this little voice inside your head saying: ‘You’re not good enough’.

Eventually that voice gets so loud, you believe it, and give up on whatever you were working towards, because if that voice was saying it, surely it’s true – that you’re simply not good enough!

The thing is – it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

You took on someone else’s belief as a kid, and now it’s become your truth.

But just as you took it on, so too can you get rid of it.


That involves being able to tune into your true self – above that gunky voice that keeps giving you a hard time, so you can do a little pruning and dig up those beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Making sense?

We need to be able to tune into that unconscious mind – that part of us that has all the answers.

We all have the ability to do this, but most of us have become so addicted to seeking external advice, we’ve stopped listening to ourselves.

Instead of paying attention to our inner world, we go through life like a blindfolded artist, indiscriminately slopping paint on a canvas.

When you take a good look at your canvas (your life) you’re often disappointed – perhaps even horrified.

If you’re ready to remove the blindfold and pay attention to what you’re painting on your canvas of life, I invite you to take part in my Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course.

Then I can teach you the Naked Way, so you can enjoy a happier, healthier life!

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