The leading cause of good health: Pleasure!

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Do you know what the leading cause of good health is?

Go on take a moment to consider what it is that creates good health………………………………………………………………

Love, happiness, joy, fun…… PLEASURE!!!!

When we give ourselves permission to indulge in deep pleasure for extended periods of time, that in itself is healing to the body.

Yet when we’re tired, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or stressed we sicken the body.

So it goes without saying that we want to be experiencing pleasure, not just because it feels good, but because a body in pure pleasure cannot habour any form of illness or disease.


When we experience pleasure, our body naturally creates from scratch, thousands of natural drugs.

Science shows that stress hormones decrease, our neurotransmitters increase, cellular inflammation is inhibited and the ageing process slows right down.

Yes, pleasure is the vital nutrient that activates our own internal quantum pharmacy.

That’s why this week I wanted to share with you my talk Let Sex Be Thy Medicine which I presented at Sexpo Perth a few months back.

In it I share ways to open yourself up to experiencing the kind of deep pleasure that leads to profound healing.

Loved what I shared?

Want to learn more?

You too can go deep into your sexual self so you can not only enjoy deeper pleasure, but optimum health.

If you’d like me to be your tour guide, so you can learn how to:

  • Clear sexual blocks and trauma
  • Delve deep into your physical and energetic self
  • Experience multiple, full body and energetic orgasms
  • And use sex as a vehicle for self-love, self-realisaion and self-healing

Then take a peek at my 2-month online course Sexual Self.

When it comes to our health, living whole-heartedly really is key.

And experiencing pleasure is a super potent medicine.

So don’t try and have a bandwidth on your emotions.

People will teach you not to get too happy or too sad.

You need to express.

50% of heart attacks happen to people who have normal cholesterol.

Contrary to popular belief, heart attacks come from unexpressed emotions.

We can continue to pay doctors to find a problem in our body, or we can start looking at the cause of the illness, which ALWAYS lies in our mind and our emotions.

Our subconscious programming is 100% responsible for the state of our health.

That means YOU have the ability to maintain your health.

From overcoming adult acne, severe clinical depression, continuous thrush, pre-cancerous cells in my cervix and a range of other health conditions, I have learnt that we really are our own healer.

It’s simply a case of learning how to reconnect with that innate part of ourselves that has all the answers.

All the answers to a life of love, happiness, health and of course…. pleasure!

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2 Comments on “The leading cause of good health: Pleasure!”

  1. I’m very very inspired and TMI y’all probably don’t want to read the details, along with being proud of you and your self actualized and uninhibited sexuality.

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