Is your relationship baby-ready?

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The good ‘ol biological clock can send us into a head spin, if by thirty (or even forty for some ladies) they have not yet found the man they wish to procreate with.

I see single women go on a date with the intention to marry the first man who will give her their sperm, instead of actually finding a man who will give her a life full of love, and support and trust, as well as a cute little baby.

This fear of running out of time is a huge contributor to ladies in their 30s (and 40s), settling for a guy who really isn’t good for her.

They let the hope of true love and happiness take a back seat to their need to get a bun in the oven.

These types of unhealthy motivations – this intense desire to get married or have a baby in order to not be left on the singles-market – has women selling their own heart for a man.

They get so caught up in the fairytale of the proposal, the walking down the isle, the happily ever after, they don’t stop to consider whether the man in the equation is the one who will give them a life full of unconditional love and freedom to be true to themself.

I know I spent five years in a relationship that I knew wasn’t it, yet I didn’t have the self belief to leave and find a man who was right for me.

Thankfully he eventually left me and freed me up to meet that special someone.

If you have the belief that ‘Better married than single’ or ‘Half of what I want is better than none’ or ‘Better the devil you know than the one you don’t’, then I urge you to ask yourself:

Do I really want to bring a baby into a rocky relationship, one where there is disharmony or a lack of true love?

How will this turmoil effect the child?

The biggest problem you face is your child will model itself on the life you have created for yourself.

If your child is brought up in a loveless marriage or one where these is disharmony, the child will create negative associations with romantic relationships.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it works.

So if you want to give your child its best chance at creating a happy and fulfilling life, you better start working on making your life happy and fulfilling so they have the best role model possible.

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