Confidence Creation

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Confidence. It’s something we all want, but sometimes it can be a difficult thing to embody. So lets get to the truth about confidence and how to get it. Confidence is one of those essential attributes that makes life flow that much easier. When we are confident we follow our passions and we feel at ease in social situations. When … Read More

The Sugar Blues

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How often do you indulge in something sweet, only to be left feeling like rubbish? Let’s takes a look at the relationship between sugar and our mood. Sugar is a known cause of altering mood. It gives your blood an instant rush of energy, but that does not last long. You will experience a drop in mood and energy an hour … Read More

‘Facing Your Fears’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2009

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facing your fears The first American journalist to be expelled from Nazi Germany,Dorothy Thompson once said: “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live”. Success Coach Tamra Mercieca explains the truth behind this. We are taught fear at a very young age. It is a learned behaviour, therefore it can, if we wish, be educated out … Read More

‘Shy away from sugar’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2009.

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Shy Away From Sugar It can be difficult to stay away from refined sugar, especially if you have a sweet tooth. But as Wellness coach Tamra Mercieca explains, there are healthy options that carry an array of nutritional benefits. What is this evil entity? In its simplest form, it is the juice from a sugar cane plant. Ingested in its … Read More

‘Healing Injuries from the Inside’, Oxygen Magazine, 2008

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Healing injuries from the inside Feeling down about a physical injury could do more than simply give us the blues. As Tamra Mercieca found out, if could actually hinder the healing process. So you injure yourself. Maybe you were lifting weights that were too heavy, or pushing yourself too hard around the training track. Maybe you just didn’t warm up … Read More

‘Emotional IQ (EQ)’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2008

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What’s your emotional IQ (or EQ)? We’ve been conditioned to believe that IQ is the best measure of human potential. In the past ten years, however, researchers have found this isn’t necessarily the case. In actuality, your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) might be a greater predictor of success. Success Coach Tamra Mercieca explains. IQ may be a solid indicator of … Read More

‘Perfect Posture’, Good Health and Medicine, 2008

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Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! Tamra Mercieca explores the physical and mental benefits of having a perfect posture. You’re only words into this article, and chances are you’ve already adjusted how you’re sitting. Posture is one of those things we often forget about, that is, until something or somebody reminds us to straighten up. Poor posture becomes a habit and … Read More

‘Active Therapy’, Fernwood Fitness, 2008

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exercise therapy Keeping fit, managing your weight, and warding off disease are all side-effects of exercise. But did you know getting physical can do wonders for your mental health too? Tamra Mercieca explains. Though it may seem impossible sometimes, exercise is one of the best ways to deal with mental illnesses. Physical activity alters brain chemistry and leads to feelings … Read More

‘Is anger good for you?’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2008

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Contrary to its bad press, anger is a defining emotion. It is the gift of setting boundaries. As Performance Coach Tamra Mercieca explains, anger can act as a barometer for what has gone wrong, where people have overstepped a person’s limits, or where injustice is occurring. It happens far too often, we let our anger make us unhappy. We get … Read More

‘Laughrodisiacs’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2007

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The secret ingredient in love is laughter, and as Oscar Wilde once said “relationships are too important to be taken seriously”.  Tamra Mercieca looks at how laughter can enhance relationships. Laughter in a relationship is a treasure. It is one of our primary reasons for even wanting a partner. All of us can feel the magic power of laugher after … Read More

‘Tonic in a teapot’, Fernwood Fitness, 2007

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tonic in a teapot Having a cup of tea may be a rarity you save for when you visit grandma, but with so many health benefits it really is a tonic for our health, with women from all walks of life are now making the switch. By Tamra Mercieca. Sometimes worries keep us up at night or nervous tension causes … Read More

‘Preventing Injuries’, Fernwood Fitness, 2006

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Preventing Injuries The world of fitness has opened up to women like never before, but so too has the world of fitness injuries. Tamra Mercieca takes a look at some of the more common injuries women suffer in the gym and how to prevent them. In ancient Greece, where the Olympics originated, not only were females forbidden from participating in … Read More

‘Soul Music’, Good Health and Medicine, 2006.

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Music. You can’t escape it – it’s everywhere. But what most of us don’t realise, is music can have a very powerful influence on our emotions, moods and behaviour. Tamra Mercieca explains. Songwriters and composers often base great works on the idea of mending a broken heart and according to recent medical research, they could be onto something. Today, medical … Read More

‘The perks of caffeine’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2006.

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The truth about caffeine.. Coffee has been put through the scientific ringer, you might say, and almost invariably come out with flying colours. So if you’re a coffee guzzler, pour yourself a cuppa and read on for the latest good-to-the-drop news on how to enjoy your beloved beverage. For starters, it’s an antioxidant powerhouse. Green coffee beans contain about 1,000 … Read More