Follow your heart.

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We’ve all heard the expression ‘Follow Your Heart’, but what does that really mean?

How do we tell the different between what our heart is telling us to do and what our brain is urging us to do?

Our heart speaks to us every moment of every day, but most of us have stopping listening to its signal; it’s like we’ve turned off that part of us that intuitively knows the answer to all our problems.

It was during my own journey that I discovered we can learn the language of the heart.

Just as we learn to play guitar, we can be taught how to understand each individual note so we can construct a song (or life) full of happiness and fulfilment.


According to modern science, our heart does much more than simply pump blood.

The heart literally has its own brain and it’s called neural intelligence, giving new meaning to the human heart.

If you consider that our physical world is made of electrical fields of energy.

It’s this same energy that sees programs on radios transmitted to your home and car.

This energy is something we are made up of, as is every living being around us; plants, animals, etc.

This energy has a centre, and it’s located in our heart.

While our brain is certainly important – in school I was taught it’s the master organ in the body – interestingly enough, the brain is not the first organ that forms in the body.

It’s the heart.

It begins to beat in the womb and that regulates chemistry through the rest of the body.

What we now know, is that our heart sends the signal to the brain that triggers the chemistry in the brain, which is then released into our body.

It’s all based in how we feel, as opposed to how we think.

Many of us were taught from a young age to allow our thinking brain to logically guide us, yet it is our heart – that feeling or knowing sensation – that was designed to be our internal GPS system; our inner guide.

How many of you have felt a knowing feeling to do something, then ignored it once your logical, rational brain kicked in, only to find out later, that that initial feeling was correct?

This is what some people call intuition.

You can call it your sixth sense – just like touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling gives us information, so too can the knowing energy he heart generates.

What science is now showing, is that those experiences extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.

And because the field of our heart is part of that material/energetic world, it is connected into that field.

So once we are able to relate to our heart, listen to it as you would a wise mentor, you are able to gather all the answers you need to achieve happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

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