Sneezin’ through Spring isn’t so sexy? Rid yourself of hay fever.

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Sneezing your way through Spring can be an arduous task, but taking a holistic approach will help you breeze through, unaffected.

If you’d like to learn how to leave the tissue box at home, then I’d love to share how I cured my own hay fever.

Since I was a small child I would dread Spring knowing that going outside into the pollen filled air would be a snotty and uncomfortable endeavour.

Typical treatments didn’t seem to work, so in my 20s I went in search of a natural approach and discovered overcoming hay fever is as much about the mind, as it is the body.

My first big win came when I took part in a RMIT university trial into ear acupressure, also known as auricular therapy.

This includes attaching five tiny stainless steel pellets to your ear and your job is to press them each three times a day.

Strangely enough it worked!


The ear is seen as a miniature map of the human body, with each part corresponding to a different part of the body.

Stimulating these key points helps regulate the flow of energy though the body.

Because the ear’s so sensitive you get a strong release of endorphins and serotonin (the body’s own natural painkillers) when you apply pressure.

Be aware also, that what you put into your body will also play a role in how quickly your immune system clears out the irritants that flare hay fever symptoms.

Chinese herbalists suggest avoiding honey, onions, eggs and mushrooms during the worst months of the year.

If we go deeper and look at the root cause of hay fever, often it’s closely associated with not being satisfied with yourself, distrusting all that isn’t from you, not being in harmony with your environment or feeling unsafe in your surroundings.

To overcome these thoughts, start to look at why you feel this way and explore what would be needed for you to turn this around so that you can feel satisfied with yourself as well as feeling at peace with everything inside and outside of you.

It’s up to YOU to determine how you react with the world, so make that conscious choice today!

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