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Could you be getting more out of your life, but are not sure how to go about it? 

Let’s explore how to reach your potential.

Now I’ll be honest, potential is a hard thing to measure.

What is a person’s full potential?

According to the top quantum physicists and scientists alike we are only using 10% of the possible neurological connections.

Could that mean we have not witnessed to date, the full potential of a human being, and does that mean human potential is far greater than we can possibly even imagine?

A study on rats showed they did the most growing and achieved more when put outside of their comfort zone, compared to when they continued on your usual safe path.

Researchers found that rats not only form new dendrites in their brains when pushed to do new things, but they developed neurological connections to those dendrites.

When we are put into crises, suddenly we become conscious, and all our current neurological connections start to fire in that particular area.

Once we overcome the challenge we expand the boundary conditions of our neurology – we have new references of possibility and are able to handle more with the new resources.

Think of learning to drive a car.

Initially it is challenging and all our senses are firing.

Then we move to unconscious competence and we can comfortably drive the car while thinking of other things.

The same thing happens when someone goes to the gym to increase their muscle size.

The force and pressure of the weights tear the muscle fibres.

During the rest periods the muscles rebuild and become strong and larger.

Maybe this is the key to developing our potential!

The more we step out of our comfort zone and make new decisions, the more the muscle mass in our brains grows and we start to discover new possibilities, by way of personality, energy and potential.

Turning dreams into reality…

Step 1 – Get committed.

You need to make a congruent decision to create a change in a particular area of your life.

Let go of the exit strategy or any other possibility other than the outcome you’re aiming for.

Make a commitment to completion, to follow through, no matter what.

Step 2 – Get crystal clear on the outcome. 

Clarity leads to power.

This is where you dream up all the things you want.

Write it down, or create a ‘vision board’ by sticking pictures onto a large sheet of paper of all the things your aiming for, as a constant reminder of where you are heading and what you want to achieve.

Step 3 – Identify activities that are outside of your comfort zone, in order to achieve your goal. 

What are the activities that are going to challenge you the most and get your adrenalin pumping?

Write them down and order them from most challenging to least challenging.

Put the list down, walk away then come back and re-read your goal or stare at your vision board, to increase your motivation again.

Step 4 – Take action. 

Find the most challenging step on your list and do the most challenging one, immediately.

Don’t waste a second.

Tap into that committed decision that you made in step 1 – no exits, whatever it takes!

Step 5 – Measure your success. 

Ask yourself “what worked? What did you learn?”

It is really important to spend time doing this.


Just like when you exercise your muscles they grow when you rest, the same applies here.

During this process, the big thing is to watch your mindset.

Focus on all the positives and get all the learnings – write them down in a journal.

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