Curiosi-tea… opening your mind to more.

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What does it mean to be curious about you?

About life?

How would your life be different if you lived each moment from a place of complete curiosity?

That’s right, go into each situation, each interaction with a willingness and openness to understand and thus grow? 

What you’d probably find is that there would be no more judgments or critisisms about yourself or others, simply a curious mind as to why you or they behaved in that way.

No longer would you have an internal (or external) giggle at their choice of clothes, partner or otherwise.


You’d just be curious as to why they made those choices.

When you live from this curious perspective, no longer do you make evaluations about a person.

You realise that thing, that person, just is.

And being curious about what created them to be so, opens the lines for communication.

It also clears the way for you to experience things you’ve never experienced before. 

Imagine if you no longer had expectations and instead went into every ghost ride, every sexual experience, every conversation with a completely open and curious mind.

What you’d probably find, is you learnt so much more and had a much better time – because you weren’t dictating your interactions based on your expectations.

Curious wonder is how you return to that childlike state where you give yourself permission to experience life in it’s entirety.

It is from this curious space that you strengthen your chances of exceeding any experience you’ve had in the past.

Letting go of the past and being curious about the future is where you’ll find the fun – the happiness – and ultimately, your True Self.

So next time you’re in the company of someone, sit down with them and enjoy the wonders of a cup of curiosi-tea!

As Albert Einstein once said: ‘I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious.’

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