First comes the dream, then comes the reality. So dream big!

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As a child I was a dreamer.

No doubt about it.

I dreamt of being famous; perhaps an actor, musician or even a radio star!

As I grew the dreams continued, although they became worldlier.

After overcoming depression and realising I could help others do the same, I suddenly dreamt of changing the world; helping everyone learn how to love their most precious selves.

Be able to accept themselves unconditionally.

It was my dream.

Today, I am living that dream.

And while I may not be an actor (although I’ve had my fair share of stints of television) and I may only play music as a hobby, I did spend ten years as a radio news presenter, going on to create my own company, Getting Naked Pty Ltd, where I now help people overcome their obstacles to have a life they absolutely adore.

I also found my dream man and my dream car!

Of course, those dreams would not have become real, had I have not dreamt them in the first place.

Just as a building must have a solid foundation, so to must our achievements.

Too often people become anxious to take the action for success, yet they don’t have a clear understanding of what that success would look like when they achieve it, and they don’t fully believe they can achieve it.

These first two steps: dreaming and believing, are critical before carrying out the all important and necessary ‘action’ stage.

Dreams are the solid foundation of our goals in life.

What happens in our physical world must happen in our mind’s eye first.

It’s the natural process whether you like it or not.

Of course sometimes we are so scared our secret desires will not come to pass, that we don’t share them.

We keep them hidden, under wraps because we don’t want to feel ‘stupid’.

I know one of the judgments that I used to be really afraid of: ‘I didn’t want to be seen as a ‘dreamer’ .

Somehow I thought that would mean that I was a weak person, that I wasn’t grounded or ‘realistic’.

So, what if you are a dreamer?

How bad could that be?

Dreamers are visionaries.

They see things as they could be rather than as they are.

Isn’t that how all change takes place?

You get a vision for how things could be and that spurs you on to take the steps necessary to change your path or get you on the path to create that vision you get glimpses of.


And dream BIG.

And once you have, share those dreams.

As Walt Disney once said: ‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’

If you’d like to learn how to turn your dreams into reality, enroll in my Remarkable Relationships course where we give the formula to create your dreams.

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