Do You Have Hysteria?

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Do you have hysteria?

If so, maybe you’re not getting enough … !

If you’ve watched the new movie, Hysteria, you’ll have at least a vague understanding of the need for sexual satisfaction.

Without it, women can cause all sorts of trouble, from road rage and acting out to experiencing depression and creating emotional scenes from seemingly nothing.

The word ‘hysteria’ is Latin for ‘womb disease’ – the term given to women for being very, shall we say, erratic!

Freud himself labelled it a psychiatric condition characterised by emotional excitability and excessive anxiety.

These days however, we tend to categorise it as PMS.

What causes this hysterical behaviour?

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, believed that the uteri of these women had become too light and dry from not enough sexual intercourse.

And we’re not talking any old kind of sex, we’re talking gourmet sex.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the fast food variety of sex – the sort that gives you a little high, before fizzling away, only to leave you depleted.

Unfortunately this run of the mill sex simply does not suffice in treating hysteria.

What you’re after next time you do the horizontal bedroom dance is to be left feeling full of energy and nourished.

How do you achieve that kind of quality sex so you can banish the hysterical premenstrual symptoms?

You take a new approach.

You go into sex concentrating on the breath, while letting go of the mind.

Allow yourself to feel your way through your sexual experience, as opposed to thinking it.

You can be physically experiencing great sex, but you need to be emotionally and mentally penetrated.

Spiritually opened up.

And that’s what I’ll be teaching in my new course Sexual Self.

In the meantime, take time to really experience sex in all its entirety.

When we think of wellbeing we often look at all these other areas – diet, relationships, economic situations – and we forget to look at sex.

Sex is often the missing piece, which when embraced in the right way, can leave us feeling centred, at peace and able to make clearer decisions.

So if you’re feeling a little erratic, maybe all you need is some intimate lovin’.

Not sure where to start?

Enrol in the Sexual Self course and you’ll be given all the tools you need to overcome ‘hysteria’!

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