Possibilities are endless.. really! Are you ready to learn how to fly?

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What is a person’s full potential?

According to the top quantum physicists and scientists alike we are only using 10% of the possible neurological connections.

Could that mean we have not witnessed to date, the full potential of a human being, and does that mean human potential is far greater than we can possibly even imagine?

A study on rats showed they did the most growing and achieved more when put outside of their comfort zone, compared to when they continued on your usual safe path.

Researchers found that rats not only form new dendrites in their brains when pushed to do new things, but they developed neurological connections to those dendrites.

Well the same goes for us humans!

When we step out of our comfort zone or are put in a crisis situation, suddenly we become conscious and we are forced to expand our abilities.

Our possibilities.

Remember when you first learnt to drive a car?

You probably had to focus really hard and it may have been a little scary.

But over time it becomes so natural to us, that often we end up driving on auto-pilot, not remembering the trip, just knowing that we got to our destination.

This is the key to developing our potential.

The more we step out of our comfort zone and make new decisions, the more the muscle mass in our brains grows and we start to discover new possibilities.

Of course, this has the potential to bring up a lot of fear; fear of failing, fear of not being good enough or fear of not living up to expectations.

Just know that once you do take the plunge and step off the cliff, your ability to fly increases significantly.

As do your possibilities.

Even when we don’t get the results we’re after, we still win; we get learnings.

Pay attention to those learnings and that’s what will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Know that you cannot fail.

You either get your result or you get an opportunity to grow and achieve.

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