Ep.20 Journaling. The cheapest therapy around!

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Journaling is a beautiful, and ridiculously cheap way of processing challenges and traumas and simply making sense of life. I consider journaling like emptying out the mind-trash that drains our energy, keeps us in an anxious state and stops us from being able to sleep at night. Because that’s essentially what it is. You get a pen and blank journal … Read More

Ep. 19 Your purpose is being YOU!

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Ok, so I kinda gave away the whole teaching of this episode in my podcast title – Your purpose is being you – so you have that gold now. But let’s explore what this actually means. Let’s turn words into inner knowing. Let’s go on a journey of understanding how to embrace your purpose and embrace being you. Welcome, to … Read More

Ep. 18 The fear of failure keeping you from loving yourself?

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What if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would that change the way you behave, the decisions you make, the way of you treat people, and how you show up in life? Today on I Love Me The Podcast, we learn how failing is a myth, and how our so-called ‘mistakes’ are actually learning experiences in disguise. AppleGoogleSpotify Do you … Read More

Ep. 17 Are you comfy sitting in your comfort zone?

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We all like to feel comfy, right? It can give us a sense of safety and predictability. But what happens if the place we feel comfy – the place of our ‘comfort zone’ – isn’t serving us? What if that comfortable feeling we get from doing the same things we’ve always done, is actually holding us back? Getting in the … Read More

Ep.16 Womb Care 101: Why tampons are not self-loving.

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Did you know that prior to menopause a woman’s womb cleanses itself once a month? You may know this as a woman’s ‘period’. Problem is, most of us ladies have learnt to adopt habits and behaviours that get in the way of this all-important ‘womb cleanse’. And when a womb doesn’t get the chance to cleanse itself regularly, we create … Read More

Ep.14 Feelings: Fall in love with feeling yourself.

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In order to heal ourself, we need to feel ourself. And when I say feel ourself, I mean actually be with ourself long enough to feel our feelings and emotions. Because we all have them. Feelings and emotions are part of the human experience. And when we make friends with how we truely feel, when we let ourself feel our … Read More

Ep.13 It’s time to edit your self-talk.

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You know those pesky thoughts (what I call ‘self-talk’) that make you feel bad about yourself… The ones that bring down your self-love, self-worth and self-respect… Well… you don’t have to have those thoughts playing on repeat anymore. In fact, you can become a self-talk editor. Yes, you can edit out your negative self-talk, and today on I Love Me … Read More

Ep.12 How dating myself led me to my prince!

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OK, so I have a confession to make: I am a total romantic. I am in love with love stories. Real life love stories. So it’ll come as no surprise that in my 20s, one of the big things on my mind, was meeting my Prince, and living happily ever after. But let’s just say by the time I hit … Read More

Ep.11 Committing to your relationship with you.

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You know what it’s like to be in a relationship where the other person is hot one minute, cold the next. It doesn’t feel that warm or fuzzy, does it? When they’re not ‘committing’ to you… Well, this is often how people are with themselves. They have this on-again off-again relationship. One minute they’re supporting themselves full out – doing … Read More

Ep.10 And this is why we self-sabotage…

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If you’ve ever tried to create change in your life, even just a small change such as learning something new… then chances are you’ve probably experienced at least a little self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is where we either consciously or more commonly, unconsciously, act and behave in a way that prevents us from reaching our goals or achieving the results we want. … Read More

Ep.9 Give up nagging and have a Love Sandwich instead!

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Nagging never works. In fact, if you do it enough, you’ll simply be met with a fire-works display of disdain and negativity or maybe a cold shoulder. So how do you get people to pick up their game? How do you lovingly encourage them to actually do what you’re asking of them? To take your advice on board? You offer … Read More

Ep.7 Use your relationships to grow your self-love.

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For a long time relationships confused and baffled me, upset and hurt me, left me and abandoned me… and then one day… I learnt what I’m going to share with you today. The following teaching is what completely transformed my experience with relationships. My relationship as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend and as a … Read More

Ep.6 Powerless to powerful: The gift of anger.

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build self-confidence

The emotion of anger often receives a bad rap, especially when it’s expressed outwardly in a very fiery, and often explosive kinda way. But what if we could use anger to support our growth? What if anger had a very clear purpose, and when understood, could be expressed in a really ‘healthy’ way? A way that helps us deepen our … Read More

Ep.5 Take a monthly self-care vacation. Menstruate.

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We all have mixed relationships and feelings about menstruation. But what if we treated our monthly flow as a time where we got to retreat from the world, so we can rest, restore and replenish? What if having our period became a time we looked forward to; a mini-monthly vacation to drop the load and relax into our own feminine … Read More

Ep.4 Meet your True Self: A journey to authenticity.

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Today I’d like to introduce you to the most inspiring person in the world. I actually entered into a conscious relationship with this person 15 years ago, and… This person has completely transformed my life. And I know this person will do the same for you. Who is this mysterious person I speak of, on today’s episode of I Love … Read More

Ep.2 Programmed for Love.

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Ever wondered why some people find life easy, and others struggle? Or why some people just exude confidence? While others, well… they’d rather hide behind a great big elephant than walk into a room of strangers? How a person acts and feels about themselves doesn’t happen by accident. As a child we are quite literally programmed for a certain experience … Read More

Ep.1 What is TRUE self-love?

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What is TRUE self-love? Self-Love is the act of making friends with oneself. Showing oneself kindness and compassion, listening to that inner voice of wisdom over the loud noise of the mind. It’s a minute-by-minute, day-by-day practice of accepting ourself – showing ourself unconditional love – regardless of our actions or behaviours or current life circumstances. That, is TRUE self-love. … Read More

Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast

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Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast. A place where you’ll receive simple, inspiring lessons, practices and teachings in self-love, so you can fall in love with you, and in doing so, fall in love with life. Listen to the podcast trailer here… AppleGoogleSpotify Hello gorgeous. I’m Tamra Mercieca and I’ll be the one holding your hand, as we walk … Read More

Say Yes to you in 2024. Make yourself a priority.

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Are you ready to say Yes to you? And you ready to make yourself a priority? If you’re in a habit of putting other people’s needs before your own, saying Yes to you, can feel, well… a little foreign. Perhaps even selfish. But here’s the thing… We need to be full – our love tank needs to be overflowing – … Read More

Being enough. Can you feel complete without your labels?

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I’d like to explore the very common struggle of ‘being enough’ today. Because if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m all about helping people identify their limiting beliefs. You know, the unhealthy ideas and thoughts we believe about ourselves.  The ones that make us feel down on ourself or ‘less than’, and essentially trip us … Read More

What to do when the odds are against you.

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Have you ever had a time in your life when you’ve felt the odds are against you? I know I have, especially this year. Let me share my story, and offer some tools I used, so next time you feel the odds are against you, you know what to do, ok? Great! Here we go… Moving back to Australia was … Read More

What is an energetic orgasm?

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What if you could have an orgasm without any physical stimulation at all? What if you could experience orgasmic pleasure pulsing through your entire body for minutes, even hours at a time? What if you could feel totally at one with yourself, with the world, and all that is? What if you could experience the true joy of being alive? … Read More

Dissolve your fibroids, naturally.

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If there’s one health complaint I hear from women regularly, it’s that they’ve been diagnosed as having fibroids. Some women might only have one or two, while others might have literally dozens of them. And for the women who do have invasive procedures to clear them out of the uterus, the fibroids usually return within months, often more severely. Shockingly, … Read More

Let life be your spiritual practice.

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How do you live your life? Consciously? Do you have a spiritual practice? And if so, how long do you spend doing it? Perhaps you do yoga once a week, or maybe you have a daily meditation practice, or perhaps you have an on-again-off-again relationship with your spiritual practice. The one thing that is consistent however, is life. You are … Read More

Rewriting Your Money Story

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Rewriting Your Money Story This article appeared in the May 2021 issue of Era Magazine, for women in business www.eramagazine.com.au  Here is the text from the article if you’re having trouble reading the image…. Rewriting Your Money Story We all have a money story. Some people’s money stories are full of abundance, with the lead characters feeling good about earning … Read More

When self-love becomes a chore.

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We could all do with more self-love practices in our life. Why? Because they make us feel good. It fuels our creativity, it boosts our productivity, it infuses more love into our relationships, and most importantly, it nourishes our soul. And so you start by inviting in some simple, self-loving activities into your life, to help fill up your self-love … Read More

Infuse your life with intention.

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Let’s set an intention together. Place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply, and then say out loud: I intend for this blog to give me the exact teachings I need to create more love, more peace and more ease in my life. How did that feel? If it didn’t move you, do that again with the intention to be … Read More

Journalling vs. Tuning In: What’s the difference?

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Journalling is a beautiful, and ridiculously cheap way of processing challenges and traumas and simply making sense of life. I consider journalling like emptying out the mind-trash that drains our energy, keeps us in an anxious state and stops us from being able to sleep at night. Because that’s essentially what it is. You get a pen and blank journal … Read More

Mirror reflections: It’s not you, it’s me.

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I’ll be honest, I struggled to know what to call this blog, and Mirror Reflections: It’s not you, it’s me is what finally arrived into my consciousness. For a long time relationships confused and baffled me, upset and hurt me, left me and abandoned me, and then one day… I learnt what I’m about to share here. The following teaching … Read More

I can’t afford it. Or can ?!

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Do you ever find yourself saying the words ‘I can’t afford it?’ Perhaps you simply think these words. If the words ‘I can’t afford it’ have weaselled their way into your life, making you feel as though there are things you can’t have, you’re not alone. The belief of ‘I can’t afford it’ is pervasive in our culture. As a … Read More

I was an introvert, but not anymore.

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Chances are you’ve heard the term introvert and extrovert as a way of describing someone’s personality. Extroverts are thought of as people who feel the most comfortable when working with other people, spending time in groups, and being social. Extroverts are said to draw their energy from the outside world, and are often considered more confident and outgoing. They also … Read More

Wear a mask please

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‘If you told me 12-months ago that we were about to go into a global pandemic of epic proportions, with lockdowns around the world, and staggering stats including over 200,000 deaths in the US and rising, I would’ve thought “Wow really? That’s crazy! It sounds like a science-fiction film”.’ But if you told me that with cases and deaths rising, … Read More

4 tips for finding the perfect course for you!

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If you’re here, chances are I’m not the first person or course you’ve come across that says they can help guide you out of your problems. There are plenty of beautiful souls creating some pretty amazing transformations for people out there, through 1:1 work and through online and in person courses. Unfortunately, there are also some less experienced, or even … Read More

The pelvic floor demystified

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The pelvic floor is generally a part of the body that we rarely give thought to. That is, until we experience a problem with it, such as incontinence or lower back pain. But hey, that’s true of most things, right? We only pay attention, once our body (or another part of our life) starts screaming at us. If the infamous … Read More

Understanding self-sabotage

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If you’re ever tried to create change in your life, even just a small change such as learning something new – perhaps a language or a musical instrument – then chances are you’ve probably experienced at least a little self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is where we either consciously or unconsciously (the latter usually being the case) act and behave in a way … Read More

Why manifesting doesn’t work

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We’ve all been there; we really wanted something, and so we’ve tried this manifesting thing. We focused really hard on what we wanted – just like they teach us in the book The Secret – but it didn’t work. And maybe you’ve tried it a few times. Yet, for some reason, you manage to manifest some things, but can’t seem … Read More

What’s coffee got to do with anxiety?

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What’s coffee got to do with anxiety? Put simply… Coffee puts the body into a low level state of anxiety. You see, coffee is a stimulant. Maybe you’ve noticed after a coffee or three you feel a bit jittery? Or perhaps it only happens when you have a really strong coffee. Or maybe coffee has become such a regular in … Read More

The spiritual power of menstruation

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Let me start by saying… Menstruation is not a curse. Menstruation is not a royal pain in the backside, or an inconvenient interruption to our life. Menstruation is our wise-time. A time for rest, radical self-care, inner reflection and deep healing. Menstruation is the one time every month we’re given the opportunity to go inside, uncover the ‘stuff’ that’s no … Read More

What tampons are doing to your womb

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Tampons. They’re convenient. But are they healthy? No. Even the natural ones are doing harm to your uterus. Let me explain… Once a month our womb (uterus) cleanses itself.  This is what we call our ‘period’.  Other organs in the body also keep themselves healthy by doing cleanses.  For example, each night the liver cleanses our blood, our bladder empties … Read More

Quality sleep = Better immunity

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We all know what it feels like to wake up after a night of good quality sleep. AWESOME, right!!! Yet, very few of us make sleep a priority. And even less of us are aware that the actual time that we sleep, plays a significant role in how emotionally and physically well we feel. We want to be aiming for … Read More

How to overcome depression

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If you’re here, it’s because you want to overcome depression OR you want to gain some insight to perhaps support someone you know in overcoming depression. So if you’re the person who’s in the midst of depression, I feel you! If you’re familiar with my story, I spent my teens and early 20s depressed. Like really depressed. The trying-to-commit-suicide-every-other-weekend kind … Read More