Are you a believer? If so, be cautious of what you choose to believe.

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Belief is an interesting topic.

We either believe in something or we do not.

But what happens when what we believe is stopping us from having the life we wish to lead?

Consider this: The Journal of Clinical Psychology states that over 40% of adults will try to change their behavior at some point this year?

Yet 92% will fail to keep their commitment.

What is the major cause of this failure to make lasting changes?

Limiting beliefs.

So what are limiting beliefs exactly?

Well, the name says it all: A belief that limits us.

They are the statements about life that we are emotionally invested in.

They colour our thoughts, feelings and choices.

They skew our perceptions and influence our actions – so that the consequences we get reinforce them.

Commonly held beliefs are: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘There’s not enough time,’ and ‘I can’t change’.

Now if you have a limiting belief, your life experience will seem to be living proof that it’s true.

You will absolutely buy into it, and questioning it will seem ridiculous.

You will probably get angry and offended by any suggestions to test its validity.

That’s only natural.

The sad part is, that by sticking to our limiting beliefs, we give up on any hope to live our lives fully.

We also push away the people who would like to show us something better.

How many times have you seen someone achieving the success you desire, only to shy away from his or her advice or even his or her company?

You’ll notice wealthy people have very different beliefs around money to poor people.

One doozy is: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’

Is that true?

Or is it a belief that our parents or teachers have passed onto us, because that’s what they believed?

Surely this belief can’t be true; otherwise there would be no rich people in the world!

When you have a belief such as this one, you unconsciously go about sabotaging your financial situation.

You may spend money as soon as it comes in, or never go for that job promotion because you don’t feel worthy of that position.

These beliefs are what stop us achieving our goals.

Over the next few days, weeks perhaps, start to notice what YOUR individual beliefs are.

Then ask yourself: Is this a belief that it putting a halt on my growth?

Stopping me from moving forward?

If so, you know you have adopted this belief in error.

Once you know what your limiting beliefs are, the next step is removing them.

While we don’t have the time for me to talk you through the process right now, it is something that I teach in the Remarkable Relationships online course I run.

The idea is for you to know how to identify your limiting beliefs and have the skills to remove them so that you can be free of all the mental blocks that are holding you back in life.

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