Is your priority YOU or something less?

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How do you spend your day?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

If you were to draw up a pie chart that graphed all the areas that you put time and energy into, would it fit with what you really want?

Your true desires?

Or would it be a miss-match?

We’ve all got priorities – whether or not we intentionally set them is another story.

How easy is it to get caught up in doing something we think has to be done and put aside the things we know will get us closer to living the life we’re striving for?

We fall into this regular routine and never question whether these actions we’re taking are working for us or against us.

I see this happen regularly with clients.

They’ll be spending long hours at the office, always complaining about not having time for their family or even worse, themselves.

Well I have to break it to you: We all have choices.

We can choose to make work a priority, or we can break the pattern and take the steps necessary to make ourself the priority it needs to be for us to be happy.

Take a good look at your actions and see whether they’re aligned with what you really want.

If they’re not, if they were set in place by default or other people’s beliefs on what should be your priority, then you know it’s time for change.

Let me warn you: There will be resistance.

I encourage you to expect it.

Get clear on what your priorities are, then do whatever’s necessary to get them ranking highly on that pie chart!

It doesn’t matter what you want in life – learning a language, more money to buy that dream car, or to simply live a calmer, more balanced life – in order to get those things, you need to make them your priority.

And if you’re one of my Remarkable Relationship peeps, then in order to start living happily right NOW, you MUST make the course your absolute priority.

Know that by doing so, you are investing in YOU, so you have the skills to clear all the barriers keeping you from a life you absolutely adore.

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2 Comments on “Is your priority YOU or something less?”

  1. I’m on it…after I do the dishes, Bake a cake, do a paper with my kid, oh and… 😜.

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