The caped crusaders of the fruit bowl: Tuck in!

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In summer we’re naturally drawn to fruit; there’s nothing like tucking into bowl of fruit salad on a hot summer’s day or slurping down a fresh fruit smoothie.

And if it’s good for us, then why hold back.

But as you’ll read, some fruits are more like Clark Kent than Superman.

Superfruits, like superheros, can be used as a vehicle to take you and your health to soaring heights.

They’re a great source of electrolytes and we sweat more in the Summer, so we need to replace them more than we would in the Winter, when there’s less fruit around.

They can also help you look younger, lose weight, and reduce your risk of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

For maximum nutrient intake you want to eat fruits that are in season.

They’re fresher and haven’t lost the nutritional value due to long storage periods.

And while you want to eat a broad range of fruity delights, there are a few that make the A-class:

BLUEBERRIES: Blueberries have been shown to not only reverse memory less, but shrink cancerous tumours and prevent the development and growth of cancer.

POMEGRANATES: This fruit is an antioxidant powerhouse, quelching free radicals in the body. One study suggests that pomegranates have triple the amount of antioxidant activity of either green tea or red wine.

STRAWBERRIES: Not just a pretty face, strawberries get their appealing red colour from an abundance of anthocyanins, flavonoid pigments which lower the risk of a whole host of disease. They’re also an aphrodisiac and appear to play a role in reducing anxiety.

ORANGES: A regular in the fruit bowl, oranges as you probably know, are full to the brim of vitamin C. What you may not realise, however, is that they’re also a great source of calcium and potassium.

BANANAS: I refer to these as a ‘meal in a peel’. ‘They’re full of fibre and complex carbohydrates so they help to keep your energy levels sustained for long periods of time.’ If you find yourself experiencing mild bouts of depression, this could be your pick-me-up fruit.

FIGS: Adam and Eve made the fig famous after covering their nakedness with the fruit’s leaves, which studies show have anti-diabetic properties. The actual fig itself is packed full of fibre and therefore a time-honored cure for constipation.

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