Are you a human DOing or a human BEing?

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I find it fascinating that as human BEing’s we tend to spend a lot more time doing than we do being.

When was the last time you sat down and took time out from your hectic schedule to simply be?

To give yourself a break from the societal noise and allow yourself to sink into a state of calm bliss?

From the minute people awake, most are straight into action; getting the kids ready for school, chogging down breakfast (if they have time for breakfast at all), checking the latest stock report, organising business meetings, taking phone calls and checking, dare I say it, Facebook.

The danger you face when you choose to live in this constant hive of activity is you stop listening to your inner voice.

You get so caught up in the busyness you’ve created for yourself that you stop listening.

You may be doing a lot but you’re not listening.

Our soul or core self (whichever name tickles your fancy more) has messages for us every moment or everyday.

When we rush from one thing to the next, we block out those messages.

They aren’t given the time and space to be delivered to our consciousness.

That inner voice gets drowned out by all the loud noise we’ve become so accustomed too.

Spend too much time in this wired state and your inner voice will start to take a more vicious approach in order to get your attention.


Illness and disease are a result of your failure to listen to yourself. We all have the inner guidance required to keep us happy and healthy.

It’s only when we don’t take the time to be and give our voice a chance to be heard, that we put ourselves in a risky position.

Yes, being is challenging.

But life is not a race, and you should not feel that you’re under any obligation to always be rushing from one thing to the next.

Give yourself permission to just BE and see how it changes your happiness and your health.

Not sure how to be?

Try meditating, long walks in nature, yoga, being mindful over a cup of tea or even better: Sitting and doing absolutely nothing!

That’s where you’ll find all the answers.


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