Health scares. Getting to the root cause of illness.

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So before I share my health scare with you I have a question: When you get sick, how do you get well?

What is your process for healing yourself?

Is your first inclination to get a drug prescription from your doctor?

Maybe you take a couple of days off work to rest.

Do you jump online and start reading everything you can, on how to conquer this major inconvenience?

From what I’ve found, most people view healing as a nuisance, an unnecessary bump in the schedule of all the other things that need to be done.

As a result, they take an approach to healing that revolves around quickly ending the physical symptom in a calculated way.

The thing to realise, is that popping pills only masks the symptoms, it doesn’t actually get to the root cause of what created the illness in the first place.

Something is ALWAYS going on beneath the surface.

You see, when you have a thought, it triggers off a chemical response in the body.

If that thought is positive, it will guide the body to be healthy.

If that thought is negative, it will create sickness in the body.

This is how our body communicates to us.

So instead of getting frustrated next time you catch a cold, get sick with a virus or hurt your back, get excited.

Your body has found a way to get your attention!

Now all you need to do, is pay attention to that signal, so you can heal that area of your body.

As some of you may know this year I received some very unsavory pap smear results; CIN 2/3.

In English? This is high grade – so the stage before cancer.

Pretty scary I can assure you.

What followed was some very confusing results and as you can expect, a few tears.

How did I deal with this health scare?

I applied all my learnings to my new health problem – learnings I now teach in people in my Remarkable Relationships course.

For me personally, I needed to work through my anxieties about being a mum.

Seven months later (and now looking forward to being a mother) I have been given a clean bill of health, the doctor claiming it was a ‘miracle’, given there was no medical intervention involved.

Relief was one way to describe my results.

Excitement was another; excitement that we humans do have the ability to heal ourselves, naturally.

The body is designed to heal itself, without outside intervention.

If you have the ‘know-how’ you can heal your own body parts and stay well, no matter what the condition.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be in control of your own health?

So you don’t have to ensure the horrible feelings involved in a health scare?

Love to hear your thoughts.

What have you healed in your life?

Leave a comment below…

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