How I overcame nausea during pregnancy.

When I first saw the cross show up on the pregnancy test, I was excited. My husband and I both. We’d wanted to have a child sometime soon, and now we had a baby in my belly. We began telling people straight away. I know the general rule is wait ‘till you’re out of the danger zone at 3-months, but our philosophy … Read More

I’m a failure. Or am I? Why failure is critical to your growth.

Do you sometimes feel like a failure? Like you’ve stuffed up, made a mistake, or simply aren’t doing as well as you think you could be? You’re not alone. Everyone feels this way at some time in their life. Some people feel like a failure on a daily basis! For others it’s just a passing fling with failure. Whatever your … Read More

You cannot have what you ‘want’ but you CAN have anything.

Ha? That doesn’t make sense, you say. ‘I cannot have what I ‘want’ but I CAN have anything.’ Isn’t that a contradiction? No! You can have anything you want. Let me explain…. Nothing happens in life, that did not first start out, as a thought. Thoughts are subtle, yet powerful, forms of energy. We think something, it creates a reaction, … Read More

‘I can’t (insert desire)’. Sure you CAN!

What happens when you say you ‘I can’t do it’? It automatically sets up an expectation that you can’t do whatever it is that you would like to do. I can’t eat well, I can’t change jobs, I can’t find a good man, I can’t afford that course, I can’t find the time to have a self-love practise, I can’t get ahead in life, I can’t… and the list goes son and … Read More

The school of life

This blog follows on from last week’s blog: Do you have a spiritual teacher? If you haven’t read it, I would suggest reading it first, then come back to this blog, as it will make more sense. We go to school to learn spelling, math, art and so forth, yet many of us don’t realise that our real school, where … Read More

Forget willpower! Life can be easier than having to use willpower.

Is willpower really the way? So often I hear people saying: ‘Just use willpower!’ ‘Willpower, that’s what you need to stick to that diet, to get your work done, to get ahead in life, to…’ Problem is, willpower doesn’t work? Why? Because you have to ‘will’ yourself to do it, which to be completely honest, is hard work. You have … Read More

What’s hiding in the garden of YOUR mind? Limiting beliefs?

On my honeymoon my husband and I decided to start a veggie garden. We were super enthusiastic, buying all the seeds, extra soil, and any other gardening paraphernalia we thought we’d need. We got our little hand spades and started digging into the garden beds to turn over and prepare the soil, only to find…. rocks. LOTS of rocks. Oh … Read More

Are you sick of hurting? Heal your hurt NOW!

Nobody wants to feel hurt. Nobody wants to feel hurt, because.. well… it hurts. Yet many people are carrying around a LOT of hurt. Yet just like mold, if you don’t clean the hurt up, it only grows and expands. What happens when hurt is left to fester? You start to lash out at the people you love, you become … Read More

How to get more money! Your 5-step guide.

If there’s one thing I see daily, its people with money problems. Money really is one of the leading causes of stress and worry. Given stress is responsible for 70% of all illness and disease, you don’t want money making you sick! Many people come to me and say ‘I know your program will help me turn my financial situation … Read More