You cannot have what you ‘want’ but you CAN have anything.

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That doesn’t make sense, you say.

‘I cannot have what I ‘want’ but I CAN have anything.’

Isn’t that a contradiction?

No! You can have anything you want.

Let me explain….

Nothing happens in life, that did not first start out, as a thought.

Thoughts are subtle, yet powerful, forms of energy.

We think something, it creates a reaction, and that reaction be it a physical action or behavior, leads to a very definitive result.

That’s how our life happens.

Our thoughts dictate our results.

Like Buddha once said ‘The mind is everything. What you think, you become’.

Thoughts really are like magnets, drawing effects to you.

Ok, so now we understand the power of our thoughts.

You can have anything going by this theory.

So lets now look at the thoughts that are keeping you from what you want.

Lets use the money example, because who doesn’t want more money, yeah?

So you think: ‘I want more money’.

Because you think you want more money, that’s exactly what you get: Wanting more money.

The money’s always in the future, never in the now, because you wanting it, keeps it there, in the future.

The very act of ‘wanting’ something, pushes it away.
Wanting something keeps you in the ‘wanting’ reality.

Constantly wanting, never receiving.

You will be delivered exactly what you think.

If you think you need more money, then you will continue to live a life where you need more money, because that is what you think.


So… how do we stop wanting, and start receiving what we want?

You start being grateful for already having what you desire.

‘But I don’t have the money I want?’ you say.

So focus on the money you do have.

You have some money, because you are living in a world that uses money as a currency.

Focus on being rich with what you already have.

Being rich isn’t always about the size of your bank account.

What makes you feel rich?

Your family, your awesome card collection, your cute little water fountain out the back of your home, the park you happen to live right next door to, the fact that you get to holiday every year…

Being grateful for having what you desire moves you into the ‘already having it’ energy, which allows it to physically materialise.

What you ‘know’ to be true is what appears in your reality.

So instead of asking for what you want or praying for what you desire, acknowledge that is it already here, and be grateful.

Because on an energetic level you already have all you desire.

There is an energy within you that is rich beyond what you could possibly imagine right now.

Statements – or affirmations – only work if they are statements of something you already know to be true.

If saying ‘I am rich’ is too much for you to believe, like you’re kidding yourself, try a thought you can accept.

‘Wealth is coming to me now.’

Move your future wants into the present.

Stop putting them in the future, otherwise that’s where they’ll stay, in the future.

See you can have anything!

Now I’ve used money as an example here, but this can apply to anything in life.

You want more success, focus on already being successful.

You want a healthy relationship, focus on the healthy relationship you have with yourself.

Be grateful for it.

You want to heal a health ailment, focus on the health you do have, and what it feels like to be healthy.

See, I told you: You can have anything, but you cannot have what you ‘want’.

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