How to get more money! Your 5-step guide.

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If there’s one thing I see daily, its people with money problems.

Money really is one of the leading causes of stress and worry.

Given stress is responsible for 70% of all illness and disease, you don’t want money making you sick!

Many people come to me and say ‘I know your program will help me turn my financial situation around, but how do I afford to enroll?’

Because money is such a HUGE pain point for people, I’m going to dedicate this week to giving you that answer.

How to get more money!

Whether it’s my course you wish to take part in, or something else you wish to spend your money on, then follow these steps and you will soon be on your way to clearing the struggle so you can enjoy more money in your life.

More Money Tip 1: CLARITY

Get clear on how much money you actually have.

It’s not that people don’t have access to money.

It’s that people aren’t clear about where their money goes, often struggling week-to-week to make ends meet.

We all have some money.

Many people though, are spending their money on things that keep them poor.

When was the last time you did a spending plan?

Actually put down on paper precisely where your money is going? And then compared it to how much is coming in?

People avoid this all-important step because money has a tendency to bring up elephant-sized fear.

So this is where I invite you to do a spending plan (most people call this a budget, but I feel this can sound a little restrictive).

Track your spending for one month.

Write it down.

Get a clear understanding of what is coming in and what is going out.

I had a client who bought two cups of coffee per day when I first started working with her.

After deciding to make her coffee at home, she was able to save that money and in six months buy the motorcycle she’d always wanted but never thought she could afford.

It’s simple things like this – getting clear on where those loose coins are going – that could mean the difference between affording what you really want, or wasting money on things that don’t matter.

Maybe it’s deciding to do your nails at home each month as opposed to pay someone else to do them for you!

There are ALWAYS places you can trim back without feeling deprived – you just need to get a little creative.

Of course this all starts with getting clear on how much money you have and where it is being spent.

So do that spending plan NOW so you can start the process of creating more money.


Get a money mindset.

A lack of money is never the problem.

A lack of money is merely a symptom of what is going on in your mind.

What is going on in your mind is the true cause of any form of money issue (or any life issue for that matter!).

So it goes without saying, that to change your current money reality, you first need to change how you think about money.

Whatever results you are seeing in your physical world are simply a reflection of your inner world; your mental programming.

We start learning about money the moment we are conceived.

The people we get that education from, are the people we spend the most time with, such as our parents.

Take a moment now to remember back to the relationship your parents had with money as you were growing up…

Were they poor? Did they struggle? Did they work hard for their money? Was there never enough? Did they spend everything they got? Did they hoard everything they got? Did the often tell you ‘We can’t afford that’?

Whatever your parent’s money patterns, spending habits and behaviours; they will have rubbed off on YOU and created your current money situation.

The great news is, we CAN change our money mindset and I explain how in this FREE workshop. Have a listen by clicking this link.

As you’ll hear, ‘I can’t afford it’ is one of the most debilitating statements you can say to yourself (or out loud).

My first piece of advice is this: Catch yourself when you hear yourself saying this statement, in your head or out loud, and instead ask yourself: How can I afford this?

Beliefs like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ blind us to the possibilities to create more money and keep us in the struggle cycle.

Yet when we start to question these beliefs, we start to become aware of opportunities we were previously unconscious of.

A book, which I also found really helpful, is one by T Harv. Eker called ‘The Secret to a Millionaire Mindset’.

If you’re not experiencing ease and abundance in all areas of your life, then you’re being controlled by your programming.

Once you change your thoughts about money – your programming – then the physical money will flow on in.

More money Tip 3: RECEIVING

Be open to receiving the money.

This probably seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people actually block money coming into their lives because they don’t know how to receive.

It can be really easy to get stuck believing that money has to come to us a certain way. Ie. Via our jobs or benefits payments, etc.

Money, like love, can come from all sorts of different sources.

And sometimes it won’t even appear as money!

Perhaps someone will give you a scholarship or some free groceries or a voucher.

Maybe friends will shout you dinner!

Another way we sabotage ourselves is by being too proud to ask for help.

If you need money, ask a friend or family member if you can borrow it.

What goes around comes around and what are friends for, if not to offer a helping hand when one is most needed.

Learning to ask for help and then accept help is an art in itself.

So start getting flexing your ‘receiving’ muscle NOW!

More Money Tip 4: VISUALISE

Visualise having more money EVERY day.

Allow yourself to feel what it would feel like to have more money.

We attract what we put out.

And if you’re putting out negative money vibes with scarcity thinking and a mindset of ‘lack’, then guess what?

That’s precisely what you’ll receive.

Change starts with YOU.

And changing how you feel, all starts with visualising what you want.

The more time you spend imagining being rich or having that new house or being enrolled in one of my courses, the quicker it will come to you.

The body doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so acting as if you are abundant, or have all the things you believe money would buy, is one of the quickest ways to materialise money.

Of course, I often get asked: But I can’t shut out the negative mind chatter that says I don’t have money. How can I fix this?

If this is you, then go back to Money Tip 2 and change your mindset!

More Money Tip 5: MONEY LIST

List all of the things you think money will give you.

It might be things like security, freedom, happiness, certainty, relief, time-off work, a sense of achievement or the opportunity to be generous.

Go on and list everything you believe money will give you.

Then once you have that list, ask yourself: How can I give myself this without money?

If you think money will make you more generous, ask: How can I be more generous right NOW?

Could you offer to help that old lady cross the road? Could you smile at that stranger who is looking sad on the train? Could you offer to babysit your sister’s child so she can have a night off?

There are so many ways to be generous that don’t involve money.

What’s great about this exercise is it starts getting you thinking outside of the box so you can loosen the beliefs you have about the true purpose of money.

Once you no longer need money, then the money is free to come into your life.

As I teach in my Remarkable Relationships course, ‘need’ is a negative energy that blocks the flow of what you desire coming into your life.

Just think of dating: No one is attracted to the ‘desperate’ person.

And ‘need’ creates desperation.

So this is about letting go of the ‘need’ to have more money while being open to receiving it at the same time!

Money does not give you security, happiness, freedom or love – that is an illusion.

All of those things you put down on your money list come from within.

Changing your beliefs so you can access more happiness or a sense of certainty is what will give you the life you desire.

Stop waiting for the money to create these things and find ways to create them right NOW!

When I did this exercise on wanting the ‘freedom to travel and have breaks away’, the very next day – no joke – I was offered four nights accommodation at a beach resort.

This exercise is powerful, if you put it into practice!

So after reading these five steps, hopefully you’ve started to get a feel for how to create more money in your life.

Know that money is not evil.

Money is a currency, and unless you develop a healthy relationship with that currency, then life will be a struggle.

We all have access to abundance and great fortune; it’s simply a case of unlocking the part of you that has been taught to believe otherwise.

For those of you ready to end your money struggles, I accept 12 people each year into my Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course.

In this course I teach all you need to know to clear money struggles so you can enjoy a rich and abundant life and have a healthy relationship with money!

You’ll learn how to clear the negative mind-chatter and create a money mind-set, while at the same time healing yourself from any scarcity thinking patterns.

And don’t worry; if you can’t afford to pay in full, there are payment plans available too!

Simply click here to find out more.

No one deserves to struggle through life.

So don’t let money keep you stuck.

Don’t let money get in the way of your personal growth.

Don’t let money hold you back from living happily right NOW!

So you want to improve your money situation, and you’re keen to learning the tools I teach to do just that…


Money is holding you back.

First…. Go back through and apply all of the above steps.


Realise that you ARE worth spending money on.

If you find your negative mind chatter saying: ‘That’s a lot of money’ or ‘That costs too much’ recognize it for what it is: Your ego trying to stop you from breaking the negative money cycle.

This is something most people experience and so they keep spending money on all the things that keep them poor.

So let me ask you: How much do you value YOU? How much value do you put on your overall happiness?

A lot of people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car, yet the one true vehicle that we have for life is our body.

And what drives that body?

Our subconscious programming.

We start asking: ‘Am I worthy of that?’ or ‘Am I deserving?

And because deep down there is a part of us that doesn’t believe we are deserving of happiness we avoid the one thing that can help us.

It’s our childhood conditioning that has us believing that we should spend money on external things instead of spending money on our most important asset.

A car isn’t going to make you well.

A house isn’t going to make you feel complete.

A new outfit isn’t going to give you deep love, fulfillment and happiness.

When we start to invest in our own personal growth, that’s when money starts flowing more easily into our life.


Because when you value yourself enough to spend money on YOU, others value you too.

And thus begins a healthier relationship with ourself, and thus, money.

When we really want growth, when we commit to making growth our number one priority, the money will be there to make that growth a reality.

Want more free resources, have a listen to this interview I did with a dear friend and colleague of mine around relationship with money. 

If you liked this blog, and know others who could benefit from learning about how to have more money in their life, please share it with your friends.

The more abundant we all are, the happier and healthier we will all be!

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