The school of life

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This blog follows on from last week’s blog: Do you have a spiritual teacher?

If you haven’t read it, I would suggest reading it first, then come back to this blog, as it will make more sense.

We go to school to learn spelling, math, art and so forth, yet many of us don’t realise that our real school, where we get all the important skills, is ‘life’ itself!

Life is our school!

That is why we get challenged and tested, not just in the classroom, but in life as a whole.

Financial catastrophes, hurtful interactions with people we care about, health challenges, emotional meltdowns; these are all learning platforms.

These are all opportunities to wake us up!

We get given shitty circumstances to learn and grow from.

And what is the purpose of these lessons?

What are they hear to teach us?

Self-love of course!

For self-love is at the core of everything we do.

The School of Life is here to teach us the lessons we need to love.

To love ourselves and recoginise ourself for who we truly are… LOVE!

When we are love we become the scriptwriter of our life – for only in love can you create beauty in your life.

Learning is to show us how to expand our consciousness so we can remember who we are.

Unlearning all the beliefs we’ve taken on about ourself, stopping us seeing the truth of who we are, and how powerful we truly are.

We are here to enjoy life and have fun and if that is not what your experience of life is, it’s because you’re not learning the lessons life is dishing up to you.

I’ll admit sometimes it can be difficult to see the lessons.

For instance, someone says something to you about the way you look, and it leaves you feeling trodden into the dirt.

The lesson?

To clear out the part of you that dislikes how you look.

Simple as that!

In each interaction there will be a reflection.

Instead of blaming the other person, take responsibility and see where YOU are doing what that person did to you.

That is where the power is.

That is where the lesson is hidden.

And if you clear out the negative thinking that has you feeling ‘ugly’ or a ‘failure’ or ‘not good enough’, then those external events will stop happening to you.


That is how the school of life works.

Everything that happens to you in life is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Hence making life our school.

The School of Life!

Are you going to keep getting knocked about by life’s curveballs or are you ready to start learning… and thus living!

Really living?

We can learn our lessons haphazardly, or we can ask for the help of a spiritual teacher, so we may learn how to move through life as smoothly as possible on our own.

When we seek help from someone who understands what it is we wish to learn, we accelerate our learnings ten-fold.

My purpose in life is to help people learn life skills – spiritual skills – so they may enjoy life for the lessons it present to us, instead of allowing them to knock you around.

If you’re ready to come on that journey with me, and let life be your school, then I look forward to sharing those skills with you in the Remarkable Relationship 3-month online course.

Is it time for you to join The School of Life?

If so then jump online to read all the juicy details on what you’ll learn and I look forward to guiding you deep into self-love.

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