Your internal tape recorder: It records EVERYTHING!

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It’s funny how much we know (especially about other people and the world around us) without consciously realising it.

When I’m out walking, and I see someone coming my way, I can tell automatically before I see their face (as I’m a little short-sighted without my glasses) if it’s someone I know.


Because an unconscious part of me recognises that person’s stride.

Now I’ve got to say, in all my years of knowing my friends, I’ve never looked at them and thought ‘Oh they walk with that particular kilter’.

I’ve never given their walking nature – or any of their mannerisms for that matter – my conscious analytical attention.

So how do I know that person is near, even if I can’t see their face, or I can only see them from behind?

Because our subconscious mind records everything we experience every moment of every day.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful recorder on the planet.

It records our every word, thought, experience and everything that happens in our presence.

It’s like our whole life is taped and stored away in the CD stacking unit that is our subconscious mind.

Occasionally we’ll get glimpses of our more negative past experiences.

When we feel fear for no reason, you can be assured that a past experience where you’ve felt fear has been triggered by the current event you’re experiencing.

Any self-doubt or negative feelings are signs of some dodgy recordings that have made their way into your subconscious.

But there’s good stuff in our subconscious too.

Given our subconscious is recording EVERYTHING, it’s also making copies of all the opportunities that surround us – of which there are many.

Yet, we often miss those opportunities, especially if we’re not programmed to see them.

Occasionally the good stuff will present itself, like my ability to recognise a person from the way they walk, but most of the time, the good stuff stays in the stacking unit.

Every second we are exposed to 2-million bits of information.

Of course, we can’t consciously take on that much stuff.

We humans can absorb about 137 bits per second.

Now the bits we take on depend on our belief systems.

That’s why you could be in the same movie theatre as your next-door neighbour, yet their experience be completely different to yours.

So just imagine what would be possible if you could pull out that subconscious mind recording and listen back to all the stuff you missed the first time around.

Well you can!

We all have the ability to tune into our subconscious mind; we just need to learn how.

And once you know how to tune into your subconscious and listen in for all the important bits, that’s when you’re able to start acting on all the opportunities needed to create the love, life and relationships you desire.

Are you ready to learn how to tune into your subconscious mind for all the answers?

Then join us in the Remarkable Relationship 3-month online course where I’ll show you how to ensure you’re seeing all the opportunities, while helping you clear out the CD rack of any past negative experiences that might get in your way of having what you want in life.

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