Break the cycle of suffering

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Have you ever wondered why there’s so much suffering in our world, and in particular, why you suffer?

We all experience suffering at some point in our lives.

For some people it’s a brief fleeting moment, for others it’s a never ending tunnel of doom and gloom.

And your suffering may involve money worries or a health issue.

Perhaps your suffering involves a loved one.

Or maybe your suffering is centred around how you feel deep inside; how you feel about yourself.

Feeling as though you have a lack of time, hope, connection, love or friends, are all examples of suffering.

What’s important to understand, is that one person’s suffering is no greater than the next person’s suffering.

Suffering is suffering.

Yet, we do not have to experience the suffering we subject ourself to.

Ending the suffering begins with learning what suffering is.

So let’s start there shall we…

Suffering begins when we believe things about ourself or our life, that isn’t true.

An example of this, is believing we are not good enough, not pretty enough or not successful enough.

When we hold these kinds of negative beliefs about ourself, we act and behave in ways that are harmful to ourself.

We make decisions from a place of fear as opposed to a place of love.

This feeds the cycle of suffering.

Let’s look at Judy.

She believes she is fat and ugly so she binge eats to seek comfort; to make herself feel better.

Yet this binge only makes her feel worse about herself.

‘I am fat and ugly. Look at what I just ate,’ she repeats inside her head.

‘I hate myself’.

Feeling guilty for her unhealthy indulgence, she eats more comfort food, does less, and ultimately perpetuates the suffering.

Judy is suffering because she is continuing to fee the negative beliefs she holds about herself.

It’s a never ending spiral down.

One of the biggest causes of suffering is the belief: ‘I’m not good enough.’

Interestingly, the majority of the population hold this belief about themselves.

Consider for a moment what life would be like if you believed you were good enough…

Go on, stop reading for one full minute, and consider: What would life be like if I believed, right to my core, that I was good enough?

How differently would you live your life?

How differently would you feel about your life?

It’d be pretty significant yeah?

Just because we are suffering now, doesn’t mean we need to suffer for the rest of our life.

Of course, if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, then yes, the suffering will continue.

So how do we end the suffering?

First thing’s first.

In order to end the suffering, you need to start to take a deeper look at what is causing the suffering.

If we can witness how we perceive situations, we can then learn how we often create our own issues.

We can free ourselves of problems once we better understand our perceptions.

Suffering simply alerts us to the fact that we are not aware of who we truly are.

That we hold beliefs about ourself, that simply aren’t true.

Suffering really does serves a purpose in our life.

It gives a platform for growth; an opportunity to look within.

We can let life’s obstacles create suffering or we can take a good look in the mirror and use our suffering as a catalyst for growth.

Having the internal resilience to choose the latter, requires building a belief system that supports us in rising above the suffering.

In believing we are more than our current struggle.

For suffering is a choice.

Yes, we choose to suffer.

Not consciously, but at a deeper level we are operating with childhood programming, that is choosing for us to suffer.

And this suffering can take on many different forms.

Maybe your circumstances changes in a way that negatively impacts you, such as losing your job or experiencing a marriage breakdown.

Perhaps you experience suffering because you want something you do not have like a job promotion, a home of your own or perhaps a relationship.

Suffering may also come about from knowingly or unknowingly repeating patterns or behaviours that don’t serve you or that cause you harm, such as we saw with Judy.

All of these types of suffering are rooted in how we ‘think’ about ourself.

What we believe to be true about ourself.

If you would like to change your belief system and thus, end the suffering, then I invite you to join me for 3-months in learning the tools to do just that.

In the online course Remarkable Relationships, you learn how to change your relationship with your emotions, your body, your friends, family and partner and your relationship with money.

Most importantly, you learn how to transform your relationship with YOU, so you can end the suffering.

This course runs once a year, with the next one starting May 21.

To learn more and to enrol, simply click here.

You are not here to suffer.

You are here to experience love.

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  1. I am not clear when the course is that you mentioned you had 3 days extra on. Or the cost of it. Please let me know. Joanie

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