Are you sick of hurting? Heal your hurt NOW!

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Nobody wants to feel hurt.

Nobody wants to feel hurt, because.. well… it hurts.

Yet many people are carrying around a LOT of hurt.

Yet just like mold, if you don’t clean the hurt up, it only grows and expands.

What happens when hurt is left to fester?

You start to lash out at the people you love, you become emotionally unstable and you eventually get physically sick.

Unresolved emotions wreck havoc on the body.

If you have any form of physical ailment, you can be pretty sure it came about from suppressed emotions.

Perhaps even hurt!

Emotions are like a beach ball.

It doesn’t matter how far you push that beach ball below the surface of the water, it will always come back up.

And the further you push it down, the bigger the splash when it does surface.

This is how emotions work.

This is how hurt works.

Now it can be very easy to fall into the trap of blaming others for the hurt you’re feeling.

Yet when we blame someone else for our hurt, it only disempowers us.


Because if you think someone else ‘hurt’ you then that means YOU cannot heal the hurt yourself.

You need the other person to do the healing.

You need the other person to do or say something.

And even if that person did come to the party, no matter what they did, it would never be enough, because the hurt came from YOU, not from them.

When you are hurting it is a sign that there is some gunk – most likely taken on from your childhood, when your mind got programmed – that needs healing.

And that person who you ‘thought’ hurt you, simply acted as a mirror, to show you the hurt within.

So you could see what needed to be healed.

Think of an orange.

If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice, right?

Not pineapple juice, not passion fruit juice, not apple juice, but orange juice.

And it doesn’t matter who does the squeezing or the circumstances of that squeezing, you still get orange juice, yeah?

We humans are the same.

We can only experience what we have inside of us.

If love is all we have inside, we can only experience love, no matter how cruel the people around us are.

But if we have hurt inside us, then that is what will come out of us.

And in most cases, it will come out of us, by way of hurtful comments and blame and unhealthy behaviours.

You will know you have hurt inside, because a) You’ll feel hurt b) You’ll experience what you perceive as hurtful behaviour from others c) You will lash out at others, and try to inflict pain on others, or d) You will be physically sick.

How do you heal the hurt?

You first need to understand that the hurt is coming from YOU!

The only way you can heal hurt, is to take full responsibility for it.

To own it!

Once you own it, and recognise it as YOURS, only then you can heal it.

And that takes looking the hurt in the face, gaining an understanding of where it came from, gathering learnings from it, and making the conscious commitment to then let it go, so you can replace that hurt with love.

For love is all there really is, and it is our ego that would have us believing otherwise.

Feel free to read my blog on the ego, where I explain more about how the ego tricks us into living a limited and painful life.

Know that any hurt you feel came from your past, and in most cases has nothing to do with your current hurt.

Your current hurt is only here to remind you of the hurt you took on as a child, but have yet to heal.

If you’d like help healing your hurt, please send me an email with the title HEAL MY HURT.

I run a 10-session One-on-One Intensive where I help take people back to the root cause of the hurt so they can heal it once and for all.

You don’t deserve to have to live with hurt.

You deserve to live a happy and healthy life.

You deserve to live your love story!

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