Ghosts of the past: Are you haunted by your memories

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We all have memories.

And that’s because we all have a past.

All those happy memories are great to reflect upon.

It’s the awful, sometimes horrific memories that have the ability to unhinge us, break us down and haunt our daily existence.

The great news is, no matter what ghosts are residing in your most precious self, they can be exterminated with the help of the Getting Naked ghost-busters.

It is our memories that hold us in the past and stop us moving forward.

If they’re strong, it can feel like those negative memories hold some kind of power over you.

If you’ve been dumped by someone you felt deeply for without explanation it could led to immense hurt and feelings of being alone and not good enough.

It could haunt you and keep you on edge, too scared to open your heart to someone new.

Perhaps it was a business-deal gone wrong.

You trusted someone and they let you down, leaving you bankrupt.


Too broken to even consider trying to start again.

These memories can bring up so much emotion that they make us think that what was past is how it is.

Thankfully, it is NOT!

Now while you can’t change the actual event, you can certainly change the meaning of that event.

If each event happened to give us a lesson, then buried within each haunted memory is a gift that will set us free of the negative emotion it brought up in us.

Imagine if you started finding peace with each memory, gathering the lessons that would surely empower you to let go of any gunky stuff that no longer served you.

Of course sometimes we don’t want to let go of those memories.

Sometimes playing the victim can have its advantages.

As soon as you expect someone else to right a so-called ‘wrong’, then you give away your power and any chance of moving past the issue that is causing so much pain.

Living in ‘blame’ and ‘denial’ will only hurt younot the other person.

So this week I invite you to take responsibility and write down all your ghosts.

Then one by one gather the learnings from each painful memory.

Memories only haunt you for as long as you let them.

Once we turn those memories into catalysts for change or learning platforms, then the event is a gift to our growth.

Ghosts of the past are just that, ghost’s past.

If you’re ready to clear out the ghosts of your past and step into the present free of negative emotions, then listen to this 1-hour audio lesson The Art of Self-Love.

You’ll learn what’s needed to move on from your past, no matter how grim it was.

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