Have you been scammed? My personal experience with Balboa …

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you ignored your internal scam-radar? I have. Big time! And this is what I’d like to share with you today, so that maybe you can take something away from my experience, to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap. It all started five years ago…. After entering a writing competition run … Read More

How I overcame nausea during pregnancy.

When I first saw the cross show up on the pregnancy test, I was excited. My husband and I both. We’d wanted to have a child sometime soon, and now we had a baby in my belly. We began telling people straight away. I know the general rule is wait ‘till you’re out of the danger zone at 3-months, but our philosophy … Read More

Deadlines: Enjoy the journey, not just the end point.

Over the past few months I learnt a very important lesson to do with deadlines. And I decided to share it with you today, in the hope that it might help you create more freedom and more happiness in your life. So let’s begin with just one question… How do you feel about deadlines? Do they choke you with fear, … Read More

Feeling alone? Then let those cards fall from your chest.

Do you hold your cards too close to your chest? Are you someone who prefers not to share your struggles, your wins, your road map for life? I’ve come a across a few people recently who are quite secretive about their life choices. They hold their cards very close to their chest for one of two reasons… Either they’re scared … Read More

Give the gift of love this Christmas.

Struggling to buy gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life? Then why not offer them the gift of love! ‘Ha?’ I hear you say! ‘That’s not something I can give another person.’ Actually it is. You just need to be open to showing love, gratitude and perhaps even get a little creative. Which is fun, right? Everyone I know … Read More

Being happy is easier than you may think!


Being happy can be a foreigner or being happy can be your friend. If you’re like 99% of the population you’re probably looking for happiness in all the wrong places. And when you do find happiness, it only hangs around momentarily. What I’ve noticed since working as a Relationship Therapist and helping people develop their relationship with self so they … Read More

Kissing: The things you never knew about locking lips!

Not only is kissing is an essential ingredient for a long lasting relationship, it signals to the brain to produce oxytocin. Now oxytocin is the hormone that makes us feel good. It’s also known as the ‘bonding hormone’ or the ‘love hormone’.

Stories limit us: Are you a storyteller?

We all have stories. Some people have happy stories; other people have challenging stories that bring pain. I’m sure you’re familiar with stories like: ‘Oh, my car wouldn’t start and now I’m running late for work, and then I spilled coffee in my lap, and it was all because my husband left the lights on in the car last night, … Read More