What’s hiding in the garden of YOUR mind? Limiting beliefs?

On my honeymoon my husband and I decided to start a veggie garden. We were super enthusiastic, buying all the seeds, extra soil, and any other gardening paraphernalia we thought we’d need. We got our little hand spades and started digging into the garden beds to turn over and prepare the soil, only to find…. rocks. LOTS of rocks. Oh … Read More

The leading cause of good health: Pleasure!

Do you know what the leading cause of good health is? Go on take a moment to consider what it is that creates good health……………………………………………………………… Love, happiness, joy, fun…… PLEASURE!!!! When we give ourselves permission to indulge in deep pleasure for extended periods of time, that in itself is healing to the body. Yet when we’re tired, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed … Read More

Do you have a daily ritual? 6 practices I do every day.

Are you one for rituals? Do you have a certain way you put on your make-up or cook your breakfast? While I’m all for being spontaneous and enjoying the moment, I’m also a big advocate of having little daily practices that allow one to nurture and center his or herself. Life can get super chaotic at times and having little … Read More

Silence: The antidote to life’s woes

Could you spend a day in silence? This is my challenge to you this week. We all have distractions and craziness in our lives. Between jobs, relationships, driving, food shopping, meals, kids after school programs, and finally making it to yoga class on Saturday morning, we have perfected multi-tasking at its best. Yet there comes a time when we need … Read More

Heal your life through the Art of Self-Love

What is self-love? We hear the words ‘self-love’ get thrown around the spiritual world willy-nilly, but not many of us actually practice self-love. For many people they don’t know how. Some don’t know what self-love actually is. I’ll take this moment now to share what self-love is, but I just ask you one thing: Don’t dismiss it’s simplicity. For it … Read More

Are you in need of a love infusion? Energy healing explained…

We all know what a blood transfusion is. It’s giving blood intravenously to someone who needs more blood to physically stay alive. We certainly do need blood to keep our physical body alive, but in order to stay truly alive, we need love. Love is what energetically awakens us so we can feel deeply alive. Many people these days live … Read More

Date yourself: The answer to inner peace and happiness.

No doubt you’ve been on a date… or three. How was it? Did it give you Goosebumps? It was after kissing a few too many toads, without any of them turning into my Prince, that I decided to stop dating men, and start dating myself. Date yourself? ‘Yes’… with a nice big cherry on top! Why? This week I have … Read More

A lesson in Self-Resect… And why I pulled out of a HUGE speaking gig!

It was December last year when I received an email inviting me to speak on one of the most prestigious stages I have ever spoken on. To say I was jumping all over the place with the unbridled enthusiasm of a ninja in a leotard high on red cordial, would be a massive understatement. What followed was meeting with my … Read More

Wabi Sabi your life: See perfection in imperfection.


So what is Wabi Sabi? Pretty much everything that today’s sleek, perfectly mass-produced, technology-saturated culture is not. It’s flea markets and op shops as opposed to shopping malls, it’s rustic mis-match chairs instead of a perfectly symmetrical chair set, and it’s a bunch of wildflowers rather than a dozen long stemmed red roses. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy, which … Read More

We ALL need a spiritual practice. Here’s why…

Do you have a spiritual practice? And if not, why not? Before I began my daily spiritual practice – of tuning into myself and clearing beliefs – I was living in a whirlpool of chaos, barely keeping my head above water. Yet when I started connecting with myself – for that is what a spiritual practice is about, connecting with … Read More