Conscious Commitment

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It’s a word many of us are afraid of, but without it, achieving your goals and desires is often impossible.

Yep, let’s talk about ‘commitment’.

So what is it that stops us from committing?

Often a fear of failure and sometime, even a fear of success.

The one thing you need to realise however, is that unless you commit, you will stay stuck where you are.

So what if you hit a few brick walls; they’re great learning opportunities, aren’t they?

Whether it’s in a relationship, an exercise program, achieving a career goal or the desire to love yourself more; what matters most, is how fully you throw yourself into it, without holding back.

Commitment in the face of conflict produces character.

I refer to ‘committing’ as making a promise to yourself; it requires letting go of the exit strategy and doing whatever it takes to get the result you’re after.

This is about making a conscious decision to keep going no matter what obstacles come up.

Without this diehard attitude, what’s the point?

How many people do half a program, only to pull out before the end, and then get frustrated that they didn’t get the result they were after.

Unless you dedicate yourself 100%, doing everything required, you will more than likely, be left disappointed.

When I work with my clients I ask for their 100% commitment otherwise I cannot work with them.

And I’m talking about committing to themselves as opposed to me.

Ultimately, commitment is the first but crucial step in turning your dreams into reality.

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