Easter bunny delivers an egg of a yummier kind! A woman’s answer to blissful health.

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Want Easter to leave you feeling nourished and revitalised?

Then forget the choccie this year and buy yourself (or your lady) a ‘Jade’ egg instead.

I came across the Jade Egg practice a few years ago after I returned an abnormal Pap smear result and was diagnosed as being the stage before cancer.

Hence began my exploration into this 5000-year-old Taoist practice.

Not only was I able to completely heal from this ailment naturally (with the help of some of the mental clearings I do with clients), the Jade Egg woke up my vagina so I could experience deeper vaginal orgasms, lubricate naturally and feel a deeper sense of self-love.

It was such a profound journey I had to share it with as many ladies as possible so they too could experience the bliss and pleasure available to them.

What’s in it for the men?

Once you’ve made love to a woman who does the Jade Egg practice there’ll be no going back!

The vaginal dexterity a lady can develop, quite literally means if she’s in a heterosexual relationship, she can learn to play rhythms on her partner’s penis!

If you imagine your man is inside of you, neither of you is moving, and your vagina is massaging the penis into arousal.

Sounds nice, hey?

Pleasure aside, there is an Easter basket full of health benefits for those ladies who use the Jade Egg.

If incontinence is an issue for you – and let me say, it’s more common than you may realise – then the practice will help strengthen the area so you have more bladder control.

Women who have had babies can regain their former elasticity from the Jade Egg, repairing the damaged nerves, while also keeping your internal organs in tip top health.

Autopsies done on nuns actually found that their sexual organs were completed rotted out, due to non-use.

So ladies, you need to be keeping your sexual organs supple, otherwise your internal organs will quite literally fall out – we see this with the rise in prolapsed uteruses and the like.

Feel free to check out this blog I wrote with all the scary stats!

Exercising your girly bits is as important as hitting the gym, the yoga studio or the dance floor.

It’s taking personal responsibility for your body and wellbeing in a time where disease and illness is prominent.

We need to be looking after ourselves from the inside out.

So ladies, let this be the month you wake up your sleeping beauty and fall deeply love with yourself and your most gorgeous lady parts!

Do you want to learn the art of the Jade Egg practice? Then you can!

I’ve created a whole online course that teaches you how to use the Jade Egg in a way that not only nourishes and revitalises your sexual organs, but will awaken you to your innate pleasure.

You can get your free Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence by clicking here.

You’ll also find a HEAP of free info on the site, explaining more about the Jade Egg.


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