Let me introduce you to the subconscious mind…

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How do you feel when an ‘error’ pops up on your computer screen? Frustrated? Annoyed? Shitty? When our computer stops working the way it’s meant to, stopping us getting done what we wish to complete, it can be really… well… Much like life really! Everyday we have little ‘error’ signs popping up; challenges and obstacles getting in the way of … Read More

Is your life a balancing act? Life Balance 101.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with life balance from time to time. I am a Libra after all, so my life lesson is balance, if you’re one of those lovely Astrology-nerds! Where do I struggle most? Finding time for all the things I love! Learning French, pole dancing, swing dancing with my fiancé, knitting skirts, wanting to … Read More

Too Busy? Do you know how to press pause?

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When you finish an activity do you rush off to your next busy engagement like a mouse being chased by a cat, or do you take a moment pause? To be with your experience and be with yourself? Most people’s lives are so full to the brim they’re bursting at the seams, relationships and productivity compromised by this multi-tasking society … Read More

Dragons breathe fire, but they also guard treasure

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We all have our inner dragons. Most people hide from their dragons, run from their dragons, maybe even pretend the dragons don’t exist. But sooner or later we all have to confront our personal dragon or five in order to let go of the pain and fear so we can live a life of happiness and freedom. A life where … Read More

Health scares. Getting to the root cause of illness.

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So before I share my health scare with you I have a question: When you get sick, how do you get well? What is your process for healing yourself? Is your first inclination to get a drug prescription from your doctor? Maybe you take a couple of days off work to rest. Do you jump online and start reading everything … Read More