Dragons breathe fire, but they also guard treasure

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We all have our inner dragons.

Most people hide from their dragons, run from their dragons, maybe even pretend the dragons don’t exist.

But sooner or later we all have to confront our personal dragon or five in order to let go of the pain and fear so we can live a life of happiness and freedom.

A life where dragons no longer scare you, but propel you forward.

What do these dragons look life?

Everyone’s dragons are different.

Some people may fear intimacy, being alone, speaking up, confrontation, others may see a monster when they look in the mirror – stopping them loving themselves.

Our dragons look and act differently from each other; my dragon might be your mouse and vice versa.

But we’ve all got them.

You see, it’s not about what the dragon looks like; it’s about what the dragon activates inside of you that makes it so difficult to face.

One person’s fear of public speaking may be another person’s fear of putting on weight.

Avoiding these dragons however, does not dampen the fire.

The more you squash them down, the more they burn inside of you.

So how do we deal with these dragons?

Let’s get real.

Dragons cannot be shooed away with positive affirmations or killed with a simple: ‘I’ll deal with it later.’

Dragons rip open our scars and make a mess… on purpose.

So we have a chance to see how deep our wounds truly are.

It is this understanding and awareness that gives us the opportunity to heal.

The important thing to remember about dragons is they guard the buried treasure.

When a dragon appears it means gold is right behind it, if we have the courage to stand our ground and fully meet it.

When we take the time to understand our dragons, get to know them on a deeper level, beyond just conscious awareness, we open ourselves to immense personal transformation.

What am I saying?

Stop running scared, and start to deal with your problems.

Start to recognise that, as terrifying as it may seem, meeting your dragons head-on will bring you relief, happiness and a major breakthrough in your personal development.

Just as we are our own dragons, so too are we our own ‘heros’.

It’s up to us to meet the dragons head on and thus, set ourselves free.

Yes, dragons are terrifying.

But they are necessary because they demand courageous action.

They test us, with unrelenting fire, to find out if we’ve actually metabolised all the profound realisations we’ve acquired in our life’s journey.

Dragons demand we walk our talk, sometimes while wearing combat boots!

As Author Noela Evans tells us, ‘Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth…. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.’

If you’re not sure how to defeat your personal dragons, then let me teach you how in the 3-month online course Remarkable Relationships.

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