Kegel exercises: Do they really work?

When a woman gives birth she’s told to religiously do her Kegel exercises so she doesn’t end up with incontinence or other pelvic floor issues. Who wants to leak a few drops of urine every time they sneeze, right?

Yet there are a few things you need know about Kegel exercises before you go squeezing your vagina 300 times morning and night.

Tighter does not equal stronger.

Sadly we are being led astray into thinking that Kegel exercises work with studies showing that can in fact lead to weakness of the area.

What’s wrong with Kegel exercises?

While they’re good – they’re certainly better than doing nothing – essentially they’re like doing bicep curls without any weight.

So yes, by doing Kegel exercises you’re keeping the area moving, but you’re not building strength.

We all know that if you want to tone-up, you need to lift weights; do resistance training.

That’s where I introduce the Jade Egg practice.

What’s a Jade Egg?

A Jade Egg is an egg made of jade that is used internally to help the vagina build tone and dexterity.

It is one of the most loving practices a woman can do, as it helps a woman re-connect with her ladies parts, while learning how to understand her pleasure anatomy.

Kegel exercises on the other hand, can feel much like you’re at the gym. And you still won’t get the tone you’re after.

When you use the Jade Egg, the muscles have to work to hold onto the egg – the egg creates the resistance needed to tone the area while keeping it supple.

The other crack in Kegel exercises is that if a woman has a tight pelvic floor, contracting the muscles regularly will actually aggravate the tension issue.

And any lady who only focuses on the contraction – as opposed to the release – runs the risk of creating scar tissue, which inhibits orgasm.

Why exercise the pelvic floor anyway?

Our pelvic floor refers to a group of muscles that form a muscular hammock across the pelvis.

These muscles, together with their surrounding tissues, keep all your sexual and reproductive organs, as well as your rectum and urethra in place, so the organs can function properly.

Autopsies done on nuns actually found their sexual organs were completely rotted out due to a lack of use.

If we don’t exercise our pelvic floor – and actually use resistance as opposed to just doing Kegel exercises on their own – our internal organs can quite literally fall out of us. And we see this in the high rate of prolapsed uterus’.

Our inner muscle need as much (if not more) attention than our outer muscles.

Most women have underused vaginas!

As you rebuild your pelvic floor through using a resistance exercise such as the Jade Egg, any incontinence issues will evaporate.

Most women notice a big change within 2-3 weeks.

The Jade Egg practice will do more than keep your pelvic floor alive.

Unlike Kegel exercises, the Jade Egg (being made of pure jade) actually has healing properties, and will help draw impurities and trauma out of the vaginal tissue.

Not only that, this self-loving practice helps a women reconnect with her vagina while at the same time awakening the vaginal tissue so it can experience deeper vaginal orgasms (such as G-spot and cervical orgasms).

Who doesn’t want to feel more pleasure?

Once you’ve been using the Jade Egg for a few weeks your vagina will feel more alive.

And when it comes to mums; they’ll regain their original vaginal elasticity in no time, while repairng any nerves damaged through birth.

Ready to start your Jade Egg practice? Buy one now…

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Or if you’d like to learn more about the Jade Egg practice take a peek at our Jade Egg playshop.

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