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being_happyHi ladies, I’m Tamra Mercieca, a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, and the Author and founder of Getting Naked Pty Ltd where I help people develop a healthy relationship with self. I’m also the creator of Yoga for the Vagina; a lush and restorative women’s yoga practice that uses the Jade Egg and is designed to help clear sexual trauma, heal sexual illness, and thus, open a woman to the blissful pleasure available to her.

If you’d like to learn more about the online Yoga for the Vagina course I offer, or get your FREE Starter’s Sequence, click here. Otherwise, please allow me introduce you to a ladies best friend: The Jade Egg!

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Why do I believe every lady should use a Jade Egg?

Because the Jade Egg will do more than give you sexual health and sexual pleasure. The Jade Egg has been used for some 5000 years, originating in ancient China, and has been used to to help women:

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and cure incontinence
  • Overcome infertility issues
  • Draw out trauma and illness from the vaginal tissue
  • Give the sexual organs an uplift effect (resulting in a natural facelift!)
  • Help you lubricate naturally (especially great for women going through menopause)
  • Heal damaged nerve endings experienced during birth
  • Regain your pre-birth vaginal elasticity
  • Heal illness and disease of the sexual organs
  • Eradicate PMS
  • Boost your libido
  • And most importantly keep the sexual organs in prime health!

GN-ArtOfJEPlayshop-Product-ImageBut even more important than all of those beautiful benefits, the Jade Egg practice itself will take you on a journey into self. It will help connect you with your core self, your inner voice. It will help you be present to your own beauty and vitality and strengthen your relationship with YOU so you can enjoy deep self-love.

Sounds great! Can I buy my Jade Egg now please?

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Regular strengthening exercise is the key to good health

A woman’s sexual organs are not excluded from this. Autopsies done on nuns found their sexual organs were completely rotted out due to non-use. And this is more common than most people realise. One in two women will experience some degree of prolapsed sexual organ in their life time with one third of women needing a hysterectomy by the time their 60.

Just as we exercise our body, so too, do we need to exercise our sexual organs, otherwise they will get sick and stop working as they were designed. This is where the Jade Egg practice – or as I teach it in my online course ‘Yoga for the Vagina’ – comes in. When you use the Jade Egg as I teach you, the practice brings fresh blood to the area and helps tone the sexual organs, keeping them healthy and energized.

To read about the full health statistics, check out my blog: ‘Beware ladies: Your sexual organs could quite literally fall out of you!’

Can’t I just do Kegel exercises?

Unfortunately, no! Just as we need resistance (weight) to tone our arms, so too do we need resistance to tone and awaken our vagina. The Jade Egg gives you that resistance, where as with Kegels there is no resistance; therefore doing 300 vaginal squeezes a day – as many women are advised to do after giving birth – reaps only minor benefits (if any at all). And as I discuss in my blog Kegel exercises: Do they really work? Kegel’s actually do more harm than good for most women.

OK. So we now know the Jade Egg helps keep our sexual organs healthy, what about pleasure? For most women the vaginal canal is numb, hence why they only experience clitoral orgasms. When you use the Jade Egg it helps awaken the vaginal tissue so you can experience multiple G-spot orgasms and full body cervical orgasms.

Not only that, you can learn how to separate your vaginal canal into six different quadrants so you can essentially plays different rhythms on a man’s penis.

Yes please!

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Why the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is not a new fad! It actually originated in ancient China where Queens and concubines would use the Jade Egg to keep their sexual organs tight and resilient, maintain their youthfulness and deliver the Emperor immense pleasure in the bedchamber.

Until recent years, the gorgeous Jade Egg practice has been kept hush hush, but today women from all over the world are embracing this powerful tool for inner and outer healing, using it to help center them in love, awareness and consciousness; the three key ingredients of a healthy, happy and pleasure-filled life.

You may have heard of such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow using the egg, and the unfortunate response she got from some doctors. If you read all the media hype and have some reservations, I would suggest reading this blog I wrote called Gwyneth Paltrow talks up the Jade Egg, where I answer these concerns and shed some factual light on the ill-informed accusations made about the safety of the Jade Egg.

How did I stumble across the Jade Egg?

When I was 31-years-old I received an abnormal pap smear result and was diagnosed as being the stage before cancer. Being such a high-risk category the doctor wanted to rush me into surgery and perform an operation that could have left me unable to conceive. Given my belief in natural medicine I said ‘No’ and went about finding a less invasive treatment. That is when I came across the Jade Egg.

Through using the Jade Egg regularly as well as clearing the mental cause of the illness through the techniques I teach in my Remarkable Relationships course, I was able to heal my body, returning to the doctor three months later to be given a clean bill of health. The doctor claiming if was ‘A miracle’.

However, this is just my Jade Egg story. I have helped many women re-enliven their sex life, get juicy again well into menopause, be able to conceive after being deemed infertile, overcome incontinence and work through other illnesses resulting from sexual abuse and trauma.

Kinesiologist Nicole Mathieson interviewed me about the Jade Egg a couple of years ago. In this real and raw interview I share ALL about my vagina and how having a super sensitive vagina, really is the key to your pleasure!

How does is work?

It’s a really easy and really loving practice. And you only need to use the Jade Egg 2-3 times per weeks to reap the benefits. I’ve even put together a list of beginner eggsercises for you to get started, and answered the most commonly asked questions, so you’re not in the dark as you set out on your Jade Egg journey.

Of course, like anything, there really is so much to learn about the practice. That’s why I put together a complete Yoga for the Vagina online series which teaches you how to deepen your practice so you can reap all the juicy benefits available to you..

To read more about the Jade Egg and the Yoga for the Vagina online series, simply pop over to the website I created as a FREE resource specifically for YOU; www.yogaforthevagina.com I answer 42 Frequently Asked Questions, go into more depth about the Jade Egg and why Nephrite is your only choice when it comes to vaginal use, as well as explaining what’s included in the Yoga for the Vagina online series.

Plus you can sign up to receive your FREE Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence. Want to start by purchasing your Jade Egg? Of course!

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The Jade Egg really is a ladies best friend! Once you start playing with your Jade Egg you’ll feel more centred, more alive, and more in love with YOU!