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You may have seen in the media over the past few weeks Gwyneth Paltrow cop a pounding from a gynaecologist over the actress’s recommendation on her Goop website that women use Jade Eggs for better sex.

The allegations have certainly caused a stir and filled many Jade Egg using women with fear, hence why I felt the need to shed some light on these claims so you can have faith in the safety of your practice.

Dr. Jen Hunter, the gynaecologist at the centre of this media frenzy, has claimed that women are putting their lives at risk by using the Jade Egg, claiming it could lead to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) because Jade is porous and could therefore be breeding grounds for bacteria.

Slamming Gwyneth Paltrow in such a viscous manner (when the actress was simply wanting to help women experience yummier pleasure) while making allegations without having done the research or had personal experience with the Jade Egg is, in my eyes, not professional conduct, as it ignites unnecessary fear in women.

So lets look at the truth of the situation…

The Jade Egg has been used regularly around the world for the past 30 years by tens of thousands of women with no reported health issues, with many gynaecologists actually recommending this practice to women.

A fellow Jade Egg teacher, who has done (and continues to do) extensive research into this area – writing a PhD on the topic – has recently been informed by top experts in gems, that yes Nephrite Jade is porous.

Yet the porosity is so minimal and the stone so tough, that is does not pose any risk to women because it is not absorbent.

Unfortunately this is not the case for many of the ‘yoni eggs’ being sold such as rose quartz and the like, which are simply too brittle to use internally and are extremely porous, opening women up to bacteria and infection.

This is where women need to be informed on what they are putting in their vagina, as yes, unfortunately there are a lot of online shops selling crystals that are not fit for vaginal use.

According to the research, if you’re using a crystal egg internally, the only viable option that qualifies for internal use – and which top gemologists recommend – is authentic Nephrite Jade, hence why this is the only crystal I sell in my online shop.

I have noticed that there are also a lot of teachers calling other crystals Jade Eggs, so if you’re planning on buying one, be sure to make sure you are buying authentic Nephrite Jade.

Once you have the right stone, then of course you do need to practise good hygiene.

This is why it’s so very important to cleanse your egg after each use, throw away the dental floss after each use, and if your egg lands in the toilet (it happens), then boil the egg for a couple of minutes.

You won’t ruin your egg by boiling it, as Nephrite Jade was formed at 1112 degrees fahrenheit, which is six times hotter than boiling water.

I share a complete Jade Egg hygiene and practice guide in the Yoga for the Vagina online series, so women can ensure they are not transferring any bacteria into their precious lady parts.

Now Dr. Hunter also raised concerns about Kegel-style exercises causing pelvic pain – which is one claim that is absolutely true, and why I do NOT recommend doing Kegels, as I explain in this video I have created, which takes an in depth look at female sexual health.

The ‘way’ in which we use a Jade Egg is so very important.

As I teach in the Yoga for the Vagina online series, you need to focus as much on the ‘release’ as the ‘squeeze’ otherwise you’re likely to create tension in your pelvic area, opening women up to illness and disease of the sexual organs (including incontinence and atrophy), while at the same time inhibiting orgasm.

That is why, if you’re planning to use the Jade Egg (or already use it regularly), it’s really important that you gain guidance on how to use it in a way that is healing on the body.

This is the exact reason I have created this comprehensive online series, so that women like yourself, can understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the Jade Egg, so that you use it in your practice in a way that will deliver you all the juicy benefits available.

I hope that answers any queries you have about the Jade Egg and its use within the Yoga for the Vagina online series, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Having worked as a journalist for ten years before moving into this line of work I have seen first-hand how the media report false claims on a regular basis, and how we as women, need to trust ourselves to know what is best for us, and seek out people in the know, if we are unsure.

I have been using, teaching and the studying the Jade Egg for many years now (having trained with some of the top teachers around the world), and continue to research, so please know that I have your back on this, and will continue to keep you updated with the latest research so you can stay properly informed.

Hence my creation of the above video where I take you on a journey into the three main stages of a woman’s life – Puberty, Motherhood and Menopause.

This video aims to explain why sexual health issues are so prevalent, and what’s needed to prevent and heal afflictions such as thrush, endometriosis, atrophy, breast lumps, abnormal cells in the cervix, vaginismus, PMS, incontinence and the list goes on…

So grab a cuppa and sit down and enjoy!

Gwyneth Paltrow would want you to 🙂

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