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‘If you told me 12-months ago that we were about to go into a global pandemic of epic proportions, with lockdowns around the world, and staggering stats including over 200,000 deaths in the US and rising, I would’ve thought “Wow really? That’s crazy! It sounds like a science-fiction film”.’

But if you told me that with cases and deaths rising, no vaccine, and large sections of the population vulnerable, that many people worldwide – including some of our friends – would avoid wearing a mask when asked, and passionately disagree with any government regulations to mandate their use, then I would’ve said “No way! I absolutely don’t believe you.”

This is what my husband said to me this week.

And I fully agree with him.

We are living in strange, strange times. 

And strange times tend to trigger people’s insecurities, traumas, and conditioning, guiding them to act and behave in all sorts of interesting ways.

So today, I am specifically speaking to those who have been asked to wear a mask when they leave their home.

Now I know people like to hate on the government.

And with good reason, given some of the choices governments make.

But here’s the thing…

The government’s who have enforced wearing a mask, have done so because according to their information, it is the best measure to take in the current climate.

The research shows that the more people that wear a mask, the greater the ability to prevent the spread of the virus.

If we look at the stats…

At the time of writing this blog – according to the World Health Organisation – over 31-million cases have been reported worldwide, meaning there have been plenty more cases go unreported.

There have been almost 1-million deaths.

I’m not saying that COVID-19 is any more or less harmful than any other virus’.

What I am saying, is that is is easy to wear a mask.

Easier than being locked inside for months on end.

Here in France the government is trying not to have a second lockdown in the hope that they can look after the French economy.

The enforcement of mask-wearing is because the government doesn’t want to send people back into confinement.

The virus is spreading, and one of the reasons it’s spreading here in France, is because people – for whatever reason – do not want to take the government’s advice and wear a mask.

People are scared of losing their freedom…. but…

Wearing a mask does not deprive us of our freedom.

Wearing a mask is a precaution to: 

  1. Help slow the spread of the virus, and 
  2. Protect the people at highest risk of dying from the virus.

That’s all.

I know some people believe the virus is all a conspiracy.

Others believe that the risk of COVID-19 to their health is minimal.

And truth be told, I don’t know if there is any substance to these claims.

What I do know, is that the statistics would suggest otherwise.

What I also know, is that even if there is merit to these claims, that to simply wear a mask, is not a big deal.

Wearing a mask does not diminish our quality of life in any significant way.

It now means I can go out into the sunshine without getting a sunburnt nose!

For me, choosing to wear a mask, is about more than freedom and risk factors and theories…

Wearing a mask is the conscious effort to join together as one, so we can help eradicate this pandemic together.

It’s very easy to blame the government for not doing enough.

The scientists… whoever!

People direct their anger and suppressed emotions outwards in the form of blame.

But what are YOU doing to help the situation?

How are YOU supporting the people around you during these crazy times?

If you, for whatever reason feel drawn not to wear a mask, I ask you to consider this:

How would I feel if I knew that a person – maybe a baby, child, pregnant women, an elderly person, or my best mate – died as a result of my decision not to wear a mask?

Could you live with yourself?

Wearing a mask is not so much about protecting yourself – although it certainly helps in this ..


Wearing a mask is there to help protect the general population.

When we wear a mask, we help stop other people from catching the virus.

Just because many of us will never show symptoms of the Coronavirus doesn’t mean we don’t have it.

You could be highly contagious right now and never know.

And in choosing to not wear a mask, you could be spreading it all over the place, and contributing to the death toll.

Of people.

Fellow human beings.

So for me, choosing to wear a mask is the conscious choice to care for the people around me.

The people I know, and the people I don’t know.

The people I pass on the street, and the friends and family of the people I may come into contact with each day.

Choosing to wear a mask is an act of community.

An act of solidarity.

It is the decision to put other people’s health and general wellbeing ahead of whatever motivates one not to wear a mask.

In most cases, we still have the freedom to do as we wish; we simply need to do it with a mask on.

But in choosing not to wear a mask you are essentially taking away the freedom of the more vulnerable members of our community.

Do people with existing health issues not deserve the freedom to be able to venture outdoors, and know they’re safer, because everyone else is doing part in wearing a mask?

Or what about the people who legitimately can’t wear masks due to breathing problems?

Must they stay locked inside because of the lack of mask wearing?

We live in a world where many people only think of themselves.

You know I’m all for self-love, but intentionally choosing not to wear a mask is not an act of self-love.

At best it is avoidance.

At worst it is ignorance.

I understand not wanting to follow the gloomy doomy news.

I was a newsreader and journalist for 10 years before teaching self-love became my full time gig, so I know what it’s like to be surrounded by so much negativity.

As I share in my blog, News toxicity: Are you poisoning your mind?, it hurts our mental state.

And yes, at a time like this we want to remain positive.

For our physical health as much as our mental health as I share in this blog, Boosting immunity amid the Coronavirus.

But avoiding an issue altogether – especially one that affects all of us – doesn’t help anyone.

Like I said, I don’t know why certain people intentionally choose not to wear a mask.

What I do know is that wearing a mask doesn’t harm anyone, if you stick to mask-wearing guidelines.

(And of course if you don’t have chronic breathing issues).

But not wearing a mask, on the other hand, could.

If the pandemic magically disappears in a week, a month or a year, I know I will feel much better about myself and my intentions, for having worn a mask.

For having put the safety of the people around me high on my priority list.

For in times like this, there is something we – as individuals – can do.

We can consciously choose to wear a mask.

I invite you to ponder this point of view.

For that is all this blog is; one person’s point of view.

I am not an expert on COVID-19.

I am simply one lady, who cares about the people around her, and wishes that we could all work together to help heal the world as it currently finds itself.

For we cannot change the world – or eradicate the virus – with just one person alone.

Stopping the spread of the coronavirus will take a group effort.

It will take the conscious choice to wear a mask.

(And of course, wash our hands regularly and give people a little more personal space that usual – but that goes without saying, right?)

The sooner we all get on board, the sooner we can say ‘Au revoir’ to this virus.

By rebelling, by fighting for your freedom at the expense of the vulnerable people around you, by simply wanting to ignore the issue in the hope that it will go away, we are prolonging this saga.

This science-fiction drama doesn’t need to be an epic 5-year-long instalment.

It we come together, if we support each other, if we stop being so self-centred, and start being more community-focused, then maybe, just maybe, we could end all this by the end of the year.

So we could go back to some sense of normality.

And one of the key things we can do together to help, is to make the decision to wear a mask.

A decision.

That’s all.

In choosing to wear a mask you can be proud to do so, because you will know in your heart-of-hearts, that it is the best choice for all involved.

Let go of what others might think of you if you wear a mask.

Stop worrying about being judged.

Sure, some people may wear a mask out of fear.

But many people, like myself, wear a mask so that we can help stop the spread of the virus.

I’ve had a few colds this year.

I don’t know if they could have been the Coronavirus.

And unless you’re getting tested every other day – having one of those uncomfortable thingies stuck up your nose – then neither do you know if you’re a carrier!

Especially if you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t show any symptoms.

I’m making the conscious decision to not care what others may think, and instead care about the people around me.

People are what matter.

And if you really care about the people you meet each day then I really encourage you to wear a mask.

This simple precaution could just save a life.

This situation we’re facing is temporary.

How temporary, will depend on people’s willingness to get on board and wear a mask.

And who says wearing a mask has to be a drag!

Here in France the locals are who wearing masks are matching their masks to their outfits.

For some, it’s become the new fashion accessory.

Live it up, I say!

Make the most of these crazy times.

Live fully – with total freedom –  from behind your mask.

And let this be the era of the mask (just as we went through the era of ripped jeans)!

I thank you of reading my take on mask-wearing.

If you feel drawn to share this blog with others, please do.

Please know, I honour your freedom, I honour your health and I honour all of you so deeply.

Big love to you and the people who come into contact with each day.

And if you feel so inclined…

Wear a mask please, for the health of the people around you.

Except, of course, when you’re exercising 🙂

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