Boosting immunity amid the Coronavirus

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If you’re not tucked away in a little mountaintop cave without wifi, chances are you’ve heard about the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus is everywhere, and it’s scaring people into all sorts of fear-fuelled behaviours.

Now while I don’t claim to be a medical expert, from my work helping people overcome various mental and physical illnesses, I do know a few important things about boosting immunity.

And if there’s one thing that will help you either NOT catch the Coronavirus, or recover quickly from it, it’s having a super-charged immune system.

Coronavirus can only attack bodies with weak immune systems.

So let me share, what I believe is one of the most important things you need to know, in boosting your immunity…

Let go of the fear!!!!

Ha? What?

Yes, practising good hygiene, taking probiotics and Vitamin C, eating well, getting sun and breathing in fresh air, as well as doing all the things governments are suggesting, are brilliant ways of looking after yourself.

But if you hold onto fear, then the fear will cripple your immune system no matter how many times you wash your hands, and thus, increase your risk of getting sick.

Put simply:

Fear shuts down our immune system.

Let me explain how

There are two protection systems in the human body, the adrenal system (which takes care of external threats and is known for its ability to trigger the ‘fight-or-flight’ response) and the immune system (which looks after internal threats such as bacteria and viruses).

The adrenal system fires into action when we’re in danger, for instance, if we meet a wild tiger on the way to work.

It’s the adrenal system that sends superpower-like energy to our arms and legs so we can get outta there in lightening speed time!

As cell biologist Bruce Lipton explains in his book The Biology of Belief: ‘The stress hormones released into the blood constrict the blood vessels of the digestive tract, forcing the energy-providing blood to preferentially nourish the tissues of the arms and legs that enable us to get out of harm’s way.’

Now, before the blood was sent to our arms and legs, it was being used to help operate our internal organs.

All the organs necessary for us to stay alive!

Without our blood’s nourishment, these organs stop doing their life-sustaining work of digestion, absorption, excretion, and many other functions that help keep our cells healthy.

What I’m saying, is that when our fight-or-flight response is activated – when our adrenals are in action – there is no longer energy being sent to our immune system.

Ok, so it’s not everyday we meet a tiger on the way to work.

But for most people, they do meet with a whole lotta ‘stress’ on a daily basis.

Stress to get out of the house on time, deadline stress in the office, stress after a fight with our partner… and so on the stress-cycle goes…

For most people, they live in a stressed out, fear-driven way.

Why is this a problem?

Because it’s not just scary tiger’s that trigger our adrenal system into its fight-or-flight mode.

Stress and fear do exactly the same thing.

But unlike in the situation with the tiger, where the adrenal system only kicked in for a few minutes, until we were out of harm’s way…

Constantly living in fear keeps our adrenal system in action mode, which means there’s little to no energy being sent to our other organs.

Our immune system is designed to protect us from sickness.

But our immune systems requires a lot of energy to keep it firing on all cylinders.

So if your energy is going towards your adrenals – because you’re living in fear, stressed out all the time – then there’s no energy left for your immune system.

You see, the adrenal system shuts down the immune system.

The body is so smart, that it will always supply our adrenals first if it perceives a threat, because in most cases, a tiger is gonna kill you quicker than a virus.

The problem comes, when the perceived threat – for example a looming deadline or fear of the Coronavirus – is ongoing.

Our adrenal system remains activated, which means our immune system remains shut down.

This is how fear depletes our immune system.

If you want to boost your immune system – and direct energy to it – you need to look at where you’re putting your energy.

If you’re watching each news report on the edge of your seat, or constantly checking your phone to see where the latest outbreak of Coronavirus is, you’re telling your body to keep your adrenal system activated.

And this comes at the expense of your immune system.

The more you feel fearful about something, the more you power it.

People hear about the Coronavirus and like a virus, it triggers off fear.

The irony being, that the more fearful you become, the more vulnerable you are to catching the Coronavirus.

But if the Coronavirus triggers you into fear, then chances are this will be reflective of how easily you tend to dip into fear in general in your life.

The spread of the Coronavirus in that way, is simply alerting you to a deeper issue you need to look at; the habitual inclination to fall into fear-states and engage in negative thinking patterns.

It’s world events like this, that help draw our attention to the need to revisit our relationship with our emotions.

We are so practised at fear that it can be hard to do anything but fear the Coronavirus, even if we know this is counterproductive to protecting ourself.

This kind of fear-fuelled thinking is hard-wired into us at a young age.

We learn fear.

But just as we learn how to let fear rule our life, so too can we unlearn it.

So too can we make the conscious commitment to choose to be more positive.

Being positive is one of the best ways of boosting our immune systems.

Not only does it switch off the fight-or-flight mode, it helps put our cells into a state of robust strength and agility.

The type of healthy state that will mean that if you do come into contact with the Coronavirus, your body will have the resources and ability to protect itself from invasion.

But how do I stay positive?

Spend time away from media outlets and social media.

Spend time focusing on what you do want, as opposed to what you don’t want (like the Coronavirus).

Get connected to what it feels like to be healthy (instead of focusing on sickness).

Visualise yourself strong and resilient.

Commit to practising being more positive.

It’s up to you to choose whether you indulge in negative emotions or positive emotions.

Feeling grateful and compassionate and joyful, are all ways you can boost your immune system.

Loving states such as these will boost your immune system, enhance your overall health and repair your DNA.

What you feed grows.

If you feel you need additional help in learning how to let go of the fear, feel free to explore my many courses, which all focus on moving you from a place of fear to a place of love.

Being able to release fear is a life skill we all need in the world we live in.

Not sure where to start?

Check out my Self-Love Meditation Course which teaches you how to short-circuit the habitual fear-response that has been programmed into us.

It will help you understand where the fear is coming from, and how to invite in a more loving positive way of cruising through life.

I hope this blog serves to help you return your focus to where it needs to be:


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10 Comments on “Boosting immunity amid the Coronavirus”

  1. Good morning Tamra, thanks for the sane, calm balm you offered us in this blog……
    We all do have the simple power to choose. I (we) just needed a reminder!
    Stay well

  2. Thank you for this! I agree whole heartedly. I think the corona virus fear is manufactured off of what is a fairly regular flu. It is so easy to stir everyone into a panic in a media based society. Please notice that details of how sick people are that test positive are often not reported. The outcome will be probably be mandate vaccination. This is likely the work of big pharma. I try to protect myself and my family from this type of hysteria by not watching the news.

      1. Maybe you should start a healthy, balanced news channel that isn’t subsidized by the Pharma industry as your next adventure!

        I have forwarded your post on to many friends. Many thanks. 🤛🏻

        1. Well that’s certainly a possibility! Although it might be a little way off right now, as I’m only work part time til my little one goes to school 🙂 But s glad you enjoyed the blog. Stay well xx

  3. Hi Tamra, love this blog. So true, I need to stop the fear in my life. Hope everything is going well for you in France. Best regards Graeme Forbes

    1. Thanks so much Graeme! Yes plenty of learnings here in France – but that’s all part of the adventure! So glad you were able to take something away from this blog. Hope you are well xx

  4. Ahhhhhhh I needed this mindset health check. I’m pretty good at staying positive & floating through life feeling happy. But you mentioned getting to school on time & that is one moment in my day that always seems to get stressful. Note to self… it doesn’t really matter if I run late does it.
    Love your work Tamra
    And PS I love the idea of you doing a health channel!!! Xxx

    1. Ahah yep, if there’s one thing that will trigger a stress response for many people, it’s being late! But ultimately, being late, in the majority of cases, isn’t a big deal. So glad this blog has served you. And the health channel… let’s see shall we 🙂 xxx

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