Boosting immunity amid the Coronavirus

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If you’re not tucked away in a little mountaintop cave without wifi, chances are you’ve heard about the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is everywhere, and it’s scaring people into all sorts of fear-fuelled behaviours. Now while I don’t claim to be a medical expert, from my work helping people overcome various mental and physical illnesses, I do know a few important … Read More

Constipation: Do you have trouble pooping?

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Isn’t constipation the most horrible feeling? You need to do a poo, but when you sit down on the toilet nothing comes out. Perhaps you read a book, push and strain because you have an important meeting to get too, or maybe you just go about your day feeling constipated. None of these are ideal scenarios. Hence why I decided … Read More

Are your emotions making you sick?

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Emotions are ‘energy in motion’. When we store negative emotions in the body – for example, anger, fear, guilt or shame – they sicken the body. Even scientific research now shows that suppressed emotions lead to illness and disease. When we experience a situation that triggers a negative emotion in us, if we don’t fully feel it in that moment, … Read More

Bring on the zeds

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The night’s are longer and the days are shorter; all we want to do is sleep. Which isn’t a bad thing! June 21st 2012 marks the shortest day of the year, or as some people like to call it the Winter Solstice. So snuggling under the covers for a good dose of shut-eye couldn’t be more inviting. The great news is, … Read More

‘In The Swing’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2010

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the swing dancing revival Swing dancing is making a comeback and it’s not just the infectious rhythm and foot-stomping moves drawing in the crowds. Tamra Mercieca decided to take a few classes to find out why swing fever is so infectious. Swing dancing may not be new – just ask your grandparents for tips on a “jockey” or “throwout” – … Read More

‘Healing Injuries from the Inside’, Oxygen Magazine, 2008

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Healing injuries from the inside Feeling down about a physical injury could do more than simply give us the blues. As Tamra Mercieca found out, if could actually hinder the healing process. So you injure yourself. Maybe you were lifting weights that were too heavy, or pushing yourself too hard around the training track. Maybe you just didn’t warm up … Read More

‘Active Therapy’, Fernwood Fitness, 2008

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exercise therapy Keeping fit, managing your weight, and warding off disease are all side-effects of exercise. But did you know getting physical can do wonders for your mental health too? Tamra Mercieca explains. Though it may seem impossible sometimes, exercise is one of the best ways to deal with mental illnesses. Physical activity alters brain chemistry and leads to feelings … Read More

‘Preventing Injuries’, Fernwood Fitness, 2006

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Preventing Injuries The world of fitness has opened up to women like never before, but so too has the world of fitness injuries. Tamra Mercieca takes a look at some of the more common injuries women suffer in the gym and how to prevent them. In ancient Greece, where the Olympics originated, not only were females forbidden from participating in … Read More