How to survive adversity

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We all experience adversity – unpleasant or difficult situations – at various points in our life, especially right now, with what’s going on in the world.

How you travel through these times, depend entirely on how solid you are within yourself.

How connected you are to yourself.

And perhaps as you’re reading this, you’re wondering what it means to be connected to oneself, and does that make a difference amid the current climate.

This is what I hope will be come much clearer by the end of this blog.

So for a moment, consider yourself a tree.

Crazy I know!

But just indulge yourself for a moment!

Yes, imagine right now, that you are a tree.

If your feet are rooted firmly into the ground – if you have strong, healthy roots that stretch deep into the earth – then no matter what storm or flood, whatever the extreme adversity that comes your way, you will remain standing.


You have the root system – the solidarity within yourself – to weather the storms of life.

But if you haven’t spent time growing your connection to the earth – to yourself – if you’re not grounded and connected to your inner voice, then when the storm hits, you’ll be uprooted.

You’ll lose your stability.

Emotionally, physically.

Without having taken the time to strengthen your inner resources, your root system will not be deeper enough, for you to withstand the pressure of the adversity.

It will be too much for you to deal with.

When the floodwaters arrive you will be swept away in a rush of anxiety, panic, fear and overwhelm.

What I’m saying, is that if you haven’t gone deep enough – if you haven’t found anything beyond the conceptual thinking mind where you identify with your thoughts – then the adversity, will devastate you.

And even if you don’t fall ill and contract the virus, the fear will consume you, the way it’s consuming people world-wide right now.

Fear isn’t real.

Fear is a creation of the mind.

Yet, when we can be present, we realise in this moment there is nothing to fear.

In that way, fear at this time, does not serve us.

In fact, as you can read in my blog: Boosting your immunity amid the Coronavirus, fear shuts down the immune system.

So what does it mean then, to dig deep, and find your foundation in the world we live in?

Like the tree, how do you grow your root system, so you can withstand the winds of life?

Well.. we need to go beyond the thinking mind.

We need to tap into our inner voice, which is free of our limiting thoughts and belief systems, beyond our behaviours and identity.

There is an unshakable foundation deep within you.

And your only job in this lifetime is to find that foundation, and cultivate that connection to self.

We have many opportunities in life to do this.

But many people don’t act on those opportunities.


Because it means looking at your stuff.

Being willing to realise that perhaps some of the things you believed about yourself and your life, were taken on in error.

That maybe, just maybe, you are more than you could ever imagine right now.

We don’t wake up when we’re sitting in our comfort zone.

We wake up when adversity hits and we’re forced to dig deep and rely on our foundations, so we can facilitate new growth.

So we can cultivate our connection to ourself.

For we have all we need within us to support ourselves through these troubling times.

Yes, you are one super powerful being!!!

If, of course, you’re willing to see that.

Now there’s nothing wrong with your comfort zone; enjoy it when you’re in it.

But if you don’t step out of it occasionally, to allow the growth to happen, then life will push you out of your comfort zone so you have no choice but to either grow or suffer.

For that reason, I believe this time of being locked in our houses, is a time to really dig deep.

To strengthen our practices.

To look at the things we’ve been avoiding, so we can grow our connection to self.

So we can strengthen our root system.

So we can build our foundation.

So we can experience more love, and a whole lot less fear.

Planet earth is speaking loud and clear right now.

Are you listening?

Are you willing to join together as a collective one, and support each other, in uniting in love?

This time in an invitation to go deeper.

For if you don’t, you will suffer… unnecessarily.

Use this of uncertainty as an opportunity to awaken out of your old way of living – a way that keeps you stuck in old habits and patterns and fears – into a new, more connected way of being, where you can feel at peace with who you are.

So you can experience more ease, more abundance and most importantly, more love.

You are so much more than your current experience of yourself.

The anxiety, the depression, the fear; this is NOT who you are.

There is a deeper, more profound you, that lies beneath the layers of conditioning derived from your life experiences.

So use this precious time of being locked down, to go inside.

If you can’t go outside, go inside!

This current adversity is part of the waking up of humanity.

On the surface this looks extremely negative and catastrophic, and on a purely physical level, yes it can be.

But this seeming catastrophe, is actually an opportunity for you to awaken to a deeper part of yourself.

The part that can journey through this adversity in great health, great love and great abundance.

Some of you receiving reading this blog will have a healthy root system, but for those of you who don’t – for those experiencing bucket loads of fear right now – please don’t despair.

This time of adversity is your invitation to grow that root system.

To cultivate that inner relationship with you.

And in doing so, maintain your centre, maintain your health, and maintain your finances.

For it’s not just our physical health that is threatened in the current climate, it is our financial health.

We are being forced, at an accelerated rate, to find our foundation. 

To go within.

We can’t go outside anymore, so we have no other choice than to go crazy with fear, or to go inside.

To spend time learning how to connect into our deeper selves.

So when you find yourself drifting off into fear, you know that’s a sign to practise more love.

To do the things that help you connect to the truth of the situation, that:

All is ok right here, right now.

Even if you’re sick right now – with the virus – there is a part of you that is free from the fear that the sickness can invoke within you.

And it’s this place you need to find, so you can allow your body to do what it does best; self-heal.

For fear will only cripple your healing abilities.

What looks bad on the surface always has a deeper purpose.

And until you’re willing to explore that purpose – journal or meditate on it perhaps – then you will stay stuck in the suffering.

Life becomes almost unbearable if you only live on the surface of life, identifying with your thoughts.

That is the tree that isn’t rooted deeply enough into the earth.

So take a moment now to ask yourself honestly:

What is my root system like?

Does it go deeper enough to support me in living fear-free at this time of adversity?

Is it deep enough to hold me in love, amid these uncertain times?

I’ve certainly faced challenges as part of this pandemic – we are all in the same boat – but having cultivated a strong foundation in love, I’ve been able to move through these times with far less fear, and far less worry than most people, attracting in the support I most need right now.

I know how to come home to myself.

How to find my centre amid the adversity.

Why do I share my experiences with you?

To inspire you.

To encourage you to dig deep into any practices you already have.

The free practises I’ve sent you in the past.

My courses you have already completed; go back over them.

You have lifetime access.

Practices from other teachers.

Dive into them, deeper.

Or simply take time every day to sit with yourself and be.

To feel.

To love.

My courses are available to you, and they are filled with heart-inspired teachings, that will weave magic into your life at this time.

They will guide you home to yourself.

But maybe you just need to be willing to be.

Be still.

Only you know what you need, and only you can figure that out.

Because remember, there is a deeper part of you that has all the answers, and can guide you home to love.

You simply need to be willing to let love lead the way.

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